The Pretty You Aesthetic Clinic Ecoland Davao Branch

The Pretty You is an aesthetic clinic committed to providing the greatest level of competence in skin care and cosmetic services, helping you to look and feel your best with confidence. All members of the TPY team of physicians, nurses, and aestheticians are ready to satisfy your unique needs - no matter how basic or complex they may be - in an environment that is warm and inviting. They are committed to offering the most advanced laser technology and the most effective skin care products and procedures currently available.

Meet the CEO

Ms. Jessa Macaraig is one of the leading cosmetic and dermatologists in the nation, and she has thrived despite the pandemic. This successful businesswoman, mother, and friend who is also a well-known Tiktoker has a lot to teach you about many topics, including her faith and her rapidly expanding beauty enterprise. She worked for a pharmaceutical company as a Medical Representative when she first became interested in beauty and leading a healthy lifestyle. She started young and is growing her empire through a variety of businesses and side gigs so that she can support her younger siblings financially. In addition to her experience in other fields, she has also held positions as both a Financial Advisor and a Businesswoman in the Plastic Manufacturing industry.

She entered the beauty and health profession because she had a strong interest in skin care and aesthetics, as well as a strong desire to treat and find solutions for the issues that other people had with their skin. It's possible that things won't be easy for her journey. But because she applied herself consistently throughout her life, she was able to construct her own empire, which resulted in the establishment of The Pretty You Aesthetic Clinic.

The Business

Even though there was a pandemic, that did not stop her from pursuing her purpose, which was to continue her love for health and beauty. She intends to carry on performing beauty operations with her friends as her clients. The pandemic also provided her with additional time, which she used to learn how to perform various treatments, like as permanent eyebrow tattoos, non-invasive face treatments, and more. Her insatiable thirst for knowledge and her commitment to performing at the highest possible level drove the unstoppable expansion of her business.

The Pretty You Aesthetics is currently making future plans. Jessa Macaraig gained business from friends, coworkers, and investors. She wanted 20 branches open this year. She wanted to open a clinic with an operating room. Most of her doctors and personnel are skilled in cosmetic procedures, ensuring safety and quality service.

The Pretty You Aesthetic Clinic is aware of the most recent technological advancements in the industry; consequently, the clinic can and will always deliver the most advanced and effective technology for treatments.  

Recently, she created The Pretty You Aesthetics for Franchising, where entrepreneurs can own their own aesthetic clinic for 3 million pesos (Machines, training, etc.). This demonstrates Jessa's desire for her empire to assist other Filipinos succeed in the beauty industry. Two of these Franchise branches are located in Davao City, with one in Ecoland and the Marfori Branch opening soon.

 CEO The Pretty You, Ms. Jessa Macaraig
with Ms.Khim Leal, Franchise Owner, Ecoland Branch 

The Pretty You Ecoland Davao Branch

last July 28, I was invited to the Blessings & Soft Opening of their Ecoland Davao branch.

I went early to determine the precise location of their clinic because I am aware that the address listed on Google Maps is not accurate, and I was correct! (Please disregard the PIN listed on the Google Map). The exact location is to look for the CMS-Asia (Center For Musculoskeletal Science-Asia) located at 292 6th-B Street, Ecoland Subdivision, Phase 1. Simply enter HOME CREST 6th Street Road then beside to Sto. NiƱo Chapel.

First off the place is huge! I was quite impressed with the facility's cleanliness and adherence to strict hygiene regulations to prevent the spread of virus, such as the requirements to wear a face mask and disinfect your hands before entering.

There is also a coffee shop where you may order food and beverages.

When I went inside The Pretty You Aesthetic Clinic, I am filled with astonishment. I adore the atmosphere. It doesn't look like a clinic at all; rather, you appear to be in a posh hotel, just chilling out.

After the blessings and soft opening, a snack finger buffet was provided to all of the guests and clients.

Ms. Jessa told us during our conversation that she would love to do business in Davao City since it is safe and she adores Duterte.

Jessa Macaraig's business and aims may be innovative and challenging. She bases her business decisions on her religious values. During our interview, Jessa expressed gratitude for God's blessings. Despite many obstacles, she remained steadfast in her Christian faith. Jessa will continue to soar high with her family, friends, and clients by her side.

Pal Raine (GlamourholicMom) and Charmaine Shotwell
of the Davao Social Media and Content Creators with Ms. Jessa

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