Mindanao Tapestry Fashion Show: A Mindanao Show in Miss Universe 2016 #PhoenixFuelsMsUDavao #65thMissUniverse

After the controversies about the cancellation of  Miss Universe Davao Fashion Show , the tourism officials decided to push through the event after the meeting they have with the Davao Fashion and Design Council Foundation, Inc, (DFDCFI) and added Davao City to their list as part of the ancillary activities of the Miss Universe 2016.

This will give candidates a peek into a least-known aspect of the Philippine culture. An enhancing appreciation of the totality of the Philippines' rich cultural heritage, and not to forget that the reigning Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach is from Cagayan de Oro City (Northern Mindanao).

Showcasing what Mindanao can offer to its visitors, the affluent culture, beauty and tradition - not with the media portrayed Mindanao that is ridden in strife and conflict.



It features proud Mindanao tribeswomen whose weaving tradition dates back hundreds of years ago, and now given the attention they deserve. The intricate and creative pattern comes in their dreams, they cannot create a design if they haven't dreamed of it - thus, sometimes they are called the "DREAM WEAVERS".

The traditional cloth made by these tribeswomen shall be turned into contemporary dressing, in a unique show of beauty and culture called " MINDANAO TAPESTRY: The Neo-Ethnic Fashion of Renee Salud and the Mindanao Weavers".

I have posted the other day that there are only 18 candidates would visit Davao, but the Miss Universe organization decided to add 11 more candidates - and that makes 29 Miss Universe candidates wearing the Mindanao inspired dresses.

Added candidates are:

CZECH REPUBLIC | Andrea Bezdekova | 5'9'

GUYANA | Soyini Fraser | 5'10"

HONDURAS | Sirey Moran | 5'9'

INDIA | Roshmitha Harimurthy | 5'9'

INDONESIA | Kezia Warouw | 6’

NAMIBIA | Lizelle Esterhuizen | 6’

NIGERIA | Unoaku Anyadike | 6’

SINGAPORE | Cheryl Chou | 5'7"

SLOVAK REPUBLIC | Zuzana Kollarova | 5'8"

TURKEY | Tansu Cakir | 5'8"

VENEZUELA | Mariam Habach | 6’

The Pres-show amenities at the foyer highlights the actual weaving by the Mindanao tribeswoman, and at the same time an exhibit of contemporary dresses made from these weaves worn by live mannequins (local models).

Pre-show Designers:
  1. Ronnie Nacua
  2. Toffy Ledesma
  3. Bamba Limon
  4. Nicky de Asis
  5. Ricky Uy Delos Santos
  6. Steffy Dacalus
  7. Joey Hambala
  8. Grand Crizzel Ravacio
  9. Pepe Quitco
  10. Che Aranquez
  11. Mark Sayad
  12. Ivan Raborar
  13. Wilfred Yee
  14. Akmad Kari Jr.
  15. Saidali Abdilla Jr.

FASHION PROPER starts at 9PM Showcasing the 6 looks representing the 6 regions of Mindanao.

  1. T'boli Weaves
  2. Indigenous Cross Stitches
  3. Yakan Weaves
  4. Tribal Weaves of Bukidnon
  5. Royal Garb of Mandaya Tribe
  6. Inuol Ball Gowns

These are the highlights during the Mindanao Tapestry Fashion Show held at SMX Convention Center Lanang, Davao City.

For the Main Show, Miss Universe candidates was dress by the following designers:

  1. Rene Salud
  2. Silverio Angclacer
  3. Emi Englis
  4. Kenny Ladaga
  5. Alfonso "Boy" Guino-o
  6. Aztec Barba
  7. Benjie Panizales
  8. Dodjie Batu
  9. Edgar Buyan
  10. Wilson Limon
  11. Egay Ayag

Video courtesy of the Davao Digital Influencers Page

Congratulations to the Mindanao Fashion Designers and Mindanao Weavers!!!

Mabuhay po kayo!!!!

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