Two Distinct Kinds Of Belly Fats

Ashamed of your fat tummy's? According to studies, women who is in or near the menopausal stage can experience this, an expanding waistline when the body fat tends to shift to the abdomen.

For women who are in their late 30's they will increasingly feel this, weight is determined on how you balance the calories you eat and the energy you burn. And even if they are not gaining weight, belly fat increasingly noticeable this is due to the decreasing level of estrogen.

What Kind Of Belly Fats Do You Have?

The first kind of Belly Fats, is more of cosmetic problem called SUBCUTANEOUS, a fat that lies directly under the skin and it can be remove thru exercises.


Fat stored in the SUBCUTANEOUS can be seen under the skin in the thighs, hips, buttocks, and abdomen.

The bigger HEALTH CULPRIT is called VISCERAL FAT; it hides deep within your body & often wraps itself around the vital organs. The result? Skyrocketing risk for HEART DISEASE, HEART ATTACK, TYPE 2 DIABETES, COLORECTAL CANCER and DEMENTIA.

Remember health risk is not for the overweight and obese it can also happened to you. Research also shows that thin people who maintain their weight by dieting alone and without exercising tend to have unhealthy levels of this kind of fat. Therefore, be health conscious, especially for those ages 30+, food intake and exercise must be balanced.

How to get rid of the fats? By doing a 30 minutes of a work out exercise at least three times a week, having a regular good night sleep and minimizing getting stress. Balanced your food intake as usual and add HIGH FIBER Food in every meal every day, the likes of Broccoli, Cabbage, Berries, Green & Leafy Vege, Celery, Squash, Beans, Mushrooms, and Oranges. Here are some list for your guide: TODAY'S DIETITIAN   

Sources: Mayo Clinic and Health Intervention


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  1. My friend needs to read this. :D

  2. Women should read this article and know on how to remove the belly fats. It's good to exercise normally in removing fats.

    1. Agree to that Fernando. They should be informed as soon as possible!

  3. I let my wife read this one for me. Whah, sabi nya dapat 10 years ago pa nya nabasa ito. good info raw.

    1. Thanks Papaleng. Puede pa si misis to exercise kahit 20 mins lang.

  4. New info for me! Thanks for letting me know Raine Pal! :) Gotta be healthy inside and out.

  5. Exercise can really get rid of the fats and make you healthier.