14 Common Misconceptions About Beauty And Losing Weight

When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see?  

Looking at the mirror, your eyes immediately see the imperfections. Unattractive, Fat, Flabby, Ugly nose, crater face, mouth is too small, undefined eyebrows, eyes so small or big and the list go on and on. These are the common words that hurts and you answer back, "So what! I don't care about my appearance because I have more important things to worry about". And that is the common ways we try to comfort the pain inflicted by others.

When we talk about BEAUTY the first thing that comes in our mind is the outer appearance wherein you want to look and feel good, but the society is changing the thought what beauty truly is.  They come up with so many beliefs or myths:

  1. If they don't fit in a certain genre, they are not attractive - just like believing to be THIN is IN! And all you have to do is to spend money just to lose weight, the result is either good or bad depends on what kind of methods you use and this is dangerous because it will not just damage your savings but also your mind and body.

    Thin is BEAUTIFUL and you will be POPULAR! This is hilarious myth I ever heard. Does this mean that fat girl are not beautiful and not popular? Observe your sizes. I think people have to realize that being thin is not always healthy and fat is not always overweight. I agree that physical beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and losing weight is having to do with your health and not to physical aspects. And for me, Popularity has nothing to do with the size, it comes within a person. Intelligence, Good ethics and personality carries the most weight to become popular.

  2. Do not eat so that you will have a fast weight loss to become sexy. I've always emphasize in my past blog that don't skip meal, you have to eat every 3 to 4 hours. Dieting is not about not eating. To diet is to discipline yourself in the way you eat properly with guidance and have a nutritional facts. This is the proper way to make your metabolism active, and by losing weight is to exercise and eat properly 3 reasonable meals a day and 3 small healthy snacks in between.
  3. Lose an excessive amount of weight. The problem of most of us when we talk about losing weight we are pertaining only with the weight itself.  "I HAVE TO LOSE A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF WEIGHT"...and all you have to do is to exercise and exercise without looking and not targeting the problem areas first. This is NOT CORRECT! You have to focus what is needed, little things really count. For example, if your problem is your waistline then start there. Losing a few inches of your waistline will give you a big difference in the size and fitting of clothes.
  4. The most obsess in losing weight are only women! I strongly disagree! I have a male friend who is obsess in losing weight and become muscular. Nowadays, both genres are already conscious with what they eat and what they look like.  Men are now showing their intense regarding losing weight and become sexy. They want to be the eye candy in the society, by showing their six packs and the strength they have in going to the GYM. Men are obsess about weight as much as women in a different aspects.
  5. Plastic Surgery can fix you! Oh well, this is true in a physical sense, it really can fix you, but it makes you of who you're not. Always remember that God made us PERFECT and whatever attention you have because you feel that you're not pretty and you have to change yourself by surgery, just inculcate this in your mind, "though surgeon can fix your face, hips, etc...the scars inside will never leave you"...For me, I have to deal with it. Let myself deal my imperfection and not the society judge me for what I am or not our physical attributes.
    Guys remember PLASTIC SURGERY can be ADDICTIVE. Once you POP, you can STOP! When you fix something in your body you will see another imperfection you will keep on doing it just to have that PERFECTION.
  6. Pluck grey hair and many more will appear. This is not true. Based on my experience, been plucking my grey hair since my early 30's but now that I am in my late 30's grey hair are minimal. According to a Trichologist to the stars Philip Kingsley, "The myth probably originated because when hair starts greying, each follicle next to it is already beginning to produce a grey hair".
  7. Use steam to open pores. We usually see this at a salon, especially if you are into facial cleaning. STEAM will just help loosen the dirt inside our face, so let us be clear hear. I've been a believer of that, that the steam or warm water can open our pores. But just now, as I do my research steam is just to help loosen the dirt for easy cleaning. Pores are enigmatic things and many of us are confused as to their exact purpose apart from steam to open pores and the fear to make it bigger if it will not be closed. Pores don't have a muscles or hinges no amount of steam or cold water will open and close them. What a silly misconception is that...hahahahaha....So whatever beauty therapist tells us about that DO NOT BELIEVE.
  8. Skin is clean when it squeaks. This is a way far to believe. Not true! The truth is that when you see your skin is squeaking it only mean that you use a wrong cleanser for your skin type.  Your skin is not comfortable with the cleanser or you're over-doing it that is why is squeaking to breaking.
  9. Shaving will make hair grow thicker. Sometimes we blame our razor for the thick hair, but the truth is because the razor cuts the hair straight across the shaft which is why stiff hairs growing feels stiffer.
  10. Too much lipstick and wearing it a lot can darken your lips. I don't think so!  I am a lipstick person and I am wearing red wine and orange colored lipstick 5-6 days/week for the past 15 years, but still my lips are pink pale and sometimes my father will say - - "ARE YOU OUT OF BLOOD". Lipsticks sit on top of our lips and should not absorbed by the skin in any significant way. And not to mention, that our lips, like the rest of our body are consistently regenerating and our lips regenerate skin the faster.
  11. Alcohol dries your skin.  Fear not ladies, this is not true. Alcohol use in cosmetics are just minimal, and will not dry or damage our skin.
  12. Drinking water hydrates your skin. I heard so much of this, especially for those active in exercising and for those who are into the outfield working. But in reality, the water does not actually make it into your skin. According to Dr. Dendy Engelman, a dermatologist and a cosmetic surgeon in New York City, "Drinking water doesn't correlate with skin hydration unless one is extremely dehydrated". Our skin has its own water through natural oil production. For having a nice skin you can add moisture to the skin through creams, lotions or oils.
  13. Bleaching is good for teeth to whiten. There no such thing as TOO WHITE. Excessive whitening can make the teeth translucent, so no need to use bleaching trays and whitening strips just to make your teeth to be super white. Take good care of your teeth because it is the first thing that can be seen in our physical appearance. NICE TEETH means NICE SMILE.
  14. Trimming hair and combing hair 100x can make your hair grow faster. An urban myth, that I usually heard from my mother. If you trim your hair looks fuller and healthier, just like by combing hair 100 times a day it will make your hair grow faster. Well, this myth need to stop!    

You're not living in the past, you should think that we are now living in the 21st century so STOP FOLLOWING and BELIEVING all of these common misconceptions about BEAUTY and LOSING WEIGHT, be a SMART WOMAN now!

Sources: The Price of Kissing's and Refinery 29

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  1. Thanks for sharing this tips.Very helpful...indeed worth reading this.

  2. I agree with most of your points, especially #2 and #3. It's crazy how many would go on crash and fad diets to lose weight. Losing weight is relative. One should focus more on being healthy and active. When one changes his/her lifestyle, the weightloss will soon follow. And it's really sad that most people depend so much on the scale. There's a big difference of weighing 120lbs with a higher body fat percentage, than weighing the same but being healthy, looking toned and far from flabby. Many of us need to learn than when we work out, we develop more muscle mass. Personally, I trust myself, a mirror and a tape measure more than a weighing scale!

  3. Haha, I'm guilty of #6, I keep asking my husband to look for grey hairs if I have any and pull them out immediately so I could grow more. I love grey hairs, dunno why though haha.

  4. wow, thanks for sharing! i've learnt 2 new things today. steaming doesn't open up my pores and drinking water doesn't means hydrated skin!

  5. Finally someone to address all these misconceptions! But but... people still think so even though they've seen it and hear it from people!

  6. Another entertaining post for my wife to enjoy. she regularly reads your blog posts eh.

  7. Oooh so steam doesn't open pores, but it does loosen the dirt, so that's a good thing. Now the biggest revelation here is the water thing -- I've thought all along that that's true. I've been trying to go for that lately, but not really for my skin...I'm trying to eat and drink healthier. I just thought it affects the skin, too, haha.

    Speaking of squeaks, I was just telling my hubby that I feel uncomfortable with my new facial wash even though it's effective. I've been using another brand bec I liked the squeaky feel, hahaha, no wonder my pimples did not go away!

  8. I am not sure about water not hydrating skin. I am sure it does, but not directly of course. One of the ways to determine hydration in a child is to check his skin. Steaming does open up the pores, I think. That is why the dirt will be dislodged. May I know your source for these information? Thanks.

    1. Source is written below my post Fred. Thanks.

  9. Skipping meals or totally not eating is the dumbest weight loss tip/advice I heard from few people. Yes, for sure it will help you lose weight but it will also have a bad side effect on your health.

  10. Beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder so it helps to always look at ourselves with an optimistic view so that our disposition would be better. :)

  11. One advice I got from someone before is to tell yourself that you are beautiful, everyday just after you wake up. Mental conditioning is a great way to improve your day. And it works!

  12. simple. just be yourself .be confident. no one is perfecr ;D

  13. I find some of the items funny and yes, this is very informative! People (specially young women) needs to know these. I think that these are also helpful who keeps watching their lifestyle to stay "beautiful"....

  14. Plastic surgery is definitely not the answer. I'm all for plastic surgery if it's for reconstruction, like after an accident, but seriously, we should just stick to makeup to enhance our features instead!

  15. People should really read this post to get a clear knowledge on what's beauty really about.. :)

  16. I think the key would always be balance in terms in regime. There are a lot of misconception so better go with something you've tried or something you know has tried.

  17. Interesting beliefs that people hold close to the rib... perhaps it works for them. For me, staying hydrated has helped flush toxins out and, in general, my bodyand skin has benefited.