DJ Jason Dewey Asian Tour With DJ Az-T and DJ Butch Andres

I've been looking for a right time to interview a DJ who can give me insights on how DJs approach and appreciate the world of music. 

The aim of this interview is to know more about the DJs and when they first started out scratching their own DJ thingy and what prompts them to do more scratching.


JASON MICHAEL DEWEY a retired professional baseball player originally from New York and moved to Florida at age nine.

At age 18, he got into modelling. Done commercials like LISTERINE, SNICKERS and GAME WORKS. Appeared in ads like TOM HILFIGER, POLO, RALPH LAUREN and ton of print works that appeared in a magazine and newspapers.

He also attended school for FILM and TELEVISION in NYC but could not finish it because of his hectic schedule in baseball.

Now that he is done in baseball and modelling, his current job is to do some scratching.

A live remix DJ, an artist, a producer and a performer. He love to make his own music and sing as well, loves to recreates all-time favorites from a vast variety of genres such as HIP-HOP, OLD SCHOOL, DUB STEP and ELECTRO-HOUSE.

His major event is the "TOUR IN ASIA" where he performed at HARD ROCK HOTEL in Bali, Indonesia(2011), MARINA BAY SANDS CASINO, Singapore(2012), World Trade Center Philippines, HONGKONG at the W HOTEL for the TIESTO opening.

Last year 2013 in the Philippines where he performed in front of the 8000 people at the PICC Forum for the ADHOC ASCENDANCY(the biggest college party in the Philippines).

To continue his ASIAN TOUR he visited STARR DINEPARTYSHINE DAVAO, he introduce and promote the TOP 100 DJ's 2014 wherein his name was included.  I have the chance to meet and greet him in person along with the said International Superstar DJ's Az-T and Butch Andres.


Aaron Terpkos aka DJ Az-T

With more than 20 years of combined DJ experience and having to manage his own job, Aaron made good at his craft as he focused throughout his career on balancing his talent in music as DJ and managing his own business at the same time.

As question arises on how they started as a DJ, many things come out in my mind..."This man is more knowledgeable in doing DJ thingy..".

(C) Melissa Bertolini
A cool Dj who have lots of experience about music he played, from EDM, ELECTRO, TRAP, BASS, GLITCH etc...trying to play with turntables by scratching on it to make mixtapes of instruments the likes mixing vocal house to dirty electro to the RnB classics.  


with DJ Az-T

Cool music indeed from a COOL GUY name DJ Az-T. 

*Jason and Az-T are great pals. Jason meets Az-T when he accepted a gig in Australia, and that's the start of their friendship.


DJ Butch Andres

The First Filipino DJ to break into clubbing scene in the so-called Las Vegas of ASIA, MACAU SAR, CHINA.


Taking on a role as a DJ and at the same time managing Jason Dewey is a great deal of difficulty as both are Professional DJ in the course. Only with proper management and the act of being professional, I guess he can split all the heap without a trouble.

Thanks to you DJ Butch Andres in carrying the Philippine flag to the world of SCRATCHING with a heart! Way to go IDOL!


The said interview was done before the gig
at STARR with Angel Abella

I hope this little information about the DJ's will gave you some insights and inspiration to those aspiring and beginner DJ's out there to practice more your scratching and do love your craft as well!

DJ Butch Andres, DJ Jason Dewey and DJ Az-T
(C) Butch Andres

And to all JASON DEWEY fans, see you at BEIJING, CHINA this 13th of September.

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  1. First time to know these wonderful DJs and very interesting interviewing them. I think, you enjoyed their company and their music too. Nice posting this awesome news about them.

    1. Thanks Fernando. It's really a great honor to meet them in person.

  2. Great of you to meet and interviewed a popular DJ. Actually, I know nothing about this DJ stuff. Case of growing old na tralaga.

  3. are so lucky to meet these music enthusiasts! The first dj is a hottie hehehe

  4. I've always wondered about a DJ's job. The interview you did must have been very exciting.

  5. I have always been amazed of DJs---how they create music and other stuff---but I never know any popular one until I read this post. It must've been fun meeting them in person. :)

  6. Nice to see world class DJs on tour. They really create magic with their music.

  7. Wow. This guy has worn many hats in this lifetime. Plus, he has been to many countries as well enjoying his time!

  8. I never met a dj in person yet. But the way you described them, they seemed to be fun to be with. I guess i have to move my ass to the club. xD

  9. Just goes to show that you can reinvent yourself just as long as you're willing to learn new skills. I can imagine the discipline he has to go through to become a DJ of international calibre. Good thing is, it's music and it's fun :)

  10. Remember where you came from.

    I'll surely remember this. Seems like you had a good time with them!