Happy HarvFest 2014 Overview

HarvFest is a 3 day event celebrating KADAYAWAN FESTIVAL 2014 with good food, good drinks, great friendship and a wonderful music.

(C) Brix Armstrong Photography

For a brief period of time, a rave party is characterized as a lack of good guidance to our young generation of today but was able to change the glimpse of an alternative way of life, that everybody loves to FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT TO PARTY. Thanks to STARR DINEPARTYSHINE, MOON, CORK and BARREL, HYBRID and BLUE REEF BISTRO BAR for having this idea to put something different in a RAVE PARTY SCENE.

(C) Raymart Oyan

For the first time we want DavaoeƱos to experience a BAR HOPPING RAVE PARTY SCENE. A doors lead out into a place wherein there are seats and tables and a DJ stage is leaning towards the center of the event. It is the epicenter of the city bar's and this is where the action takes place.

The first kick off led by the residence DJ's of the respective organizing club bars were divided into two activities, other Dj's are inside the club playing their music while the others are making their music thingy in the center stage.

Second kick-off is AWESOME!  We have DJ XFactor (International DJ/Producer/Remixer),DJ Astrid from Vanity Club, Cebu sexiest model DJ LV of CUBANA and DJ Yancy Moncatar.


With a surprise guest celebrities partying with us are from ABS-CBN PINOY BIG BROTHER ALL IN Stars, Fourth and Fifth Pagotan (twin brothers of GMA actress Chariz Solomon) and Michelle Gumabao aka the SPUNKY SPIKER of Quezon City.

(C) Fotografia Jal
Third kick off (the last day) of HarvFest 2014 is a BLAST!  


We requested all the party goers who are in the bars to party outside and join the TWO DMC CHAMPION DJ M.O.D and DJ COKI.

(C) Arfel Calamba

Started by DJ Coki on stage, lot of people came out to join him.

(C) Fotografia Jal

Raving the party without the NEON and FOAM but still the PARTY LIVES ON!

(C) DJ Coki

Next in line is DJ M.O.D, the crowd went WET and WILDER. 

Wet maybe because they sweat too much from RAVING

WILD because they are all eager to dance and sing to the music as well.


Who said Davao doesn't know how to party? Simple as this gathering of people who are in the same mind, same heart, but with different races - that is DAVAO CITY.

It can be organized as ONE with a PARTY ATMOSPHERE. The time we celebrate the bountiful and miracles of life, to be surrounded with people who care and love us, and to see other faces and make friend with them, share stories and party with them. 

Indeed a triumph for us party goers, who break into an area of a RAVE PARTY MOVEMENT.

This event is presented by the PARTY ANIMAL EVENT PRODUCTION, CIGNAL, GEERTECH, and MAGIC 89.9.

In cooperation with SMART, EMPERADOR DE LUXE, 8TELCOM, COLT45, SushiDito, Chikaan, Pioneers DJ, Johnnie Walker, MOJITOS TEQUILA, and JFB CAR TRADING.  

Special thanks to our HARVFEST 2014 OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER:



  1. It seems that everybody enjoyed the event and the evening went wild in dancing. Hope to have another event next year.

  2. You also had Michelle at your rave party. I was just talking to her the other day at Sofitel Run.

    1. Yes Franc, she partied with us on our second day of HarvFest at STARR that was August 15. We've talked a lot too! Hahahaha....

    2. That's great. She's a really down to earth celebrity. It's always fun to be with her.

  3. How I wish to attend such an event like Kadayawan Festival but it's okay for me. I'm just telling the world to be happy, by way of writing.

  4. Wow! This is so much fun partying with young people! Of course, we have the right to party! :D

  5. it looks like the event was a big success, congratulations to the organizers, I hope all the Davaoenos enjoyed the celebration
    -Wanderer Juan

  6. Whoa you're so lucky to be there in the event with plenty of celebs! The twins from PBB house are so cute. I could hardly differentiate who's Fifth and who's Fourth. :)

  7. I've seen some of your photos in FB. Gosh, haping-hsapi ka talaga. Wish kahit maka-attend lang ako ng Kadayawan Festival, solve na ako.

  8. They should've invited me over there hahaha! Looks fun. when would be the next? haven't been to Davao yet :/

  9. I haven't really seen a live rave party so this gives me a pretty good idea.

  10. Looks like it's a hell lot of fun partying at Davao. Unleash all the negatives with the loud music, dance grooves and party spirit -KarenT

  11. Wow! Looks like a really fun event! I wish I'd get to attend the Kadayawan Festival someday soon.

  12. I've never been to this kind of event. It looks fun pa naman! Congrats for a successful party! :)

  13. I can't remember the last time I went out partying! I always partied back in high school though. This is something that I kind of miss. Cool party from Davao!