Mother's Day Inexpensive Gift Idea: Say it with Succulents!

by - 5/11/2017

Looking for a nice gift but budget-friendly present for your amazing mom's this Mother's Day, "Say it with Succulents".

I was invited to an afternoon of succulent potting, "SAY IT WITH SUCCULENTS" a jointly organized pop-up shop by Botanophilic Davao and Trust Home Depot.

#TeamDDIMoms with Ms. Helen Salingay-Co, Ms. Cheza Olmoguez of Botanophilic Davao and Ms. Stephanie Seng Ong, VP for Mktg of Trust Home Depot
 Photo credit to Apples & Lemons

For those asking, what is succulent? It is sometimes called a water storage plants. Plants that not only cool, unique and lasting gift for mom on Mother's Day, it's affordable, simple to transport, and easy to care for.

Cheza (Ching-Ching) Olmoguez, the face behind Botanophilic Davao

Even #DDIMoms got to try on how to plant a succulent plants with the help of Cheza (the young entrepreneur) who started growing plants as a hobby and now a full-pledge online seller of succulent and ornamental plants.

Here's my DIY Succulent Plant:

A hand-made gift straight from the heart.

It's very easy and I like the idea of having this as a gift to my mother! Price range is from PHp120-PHp450 for succulents.

Chloe, 15 years old, sister of Ching is into Calligraphy and painting a nice collaboration of gift ideas that we can give to our mother, aunties and grandma's.

Visit "Say it with Succulents", a Mother's day pop-up shop from May 8 to 14, 2017 at Trust Home Depot fronting St. John Paul II College Ecoland Drive, Davao City.


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