The Off Price Show – Country’s Largest Roving Sale Event #PressRelease #Event #Shopping

The Country's Largest Roving Sale Event is back now on it's 4th year at Davao Convention and Trade Center!

The Off Price Show is the first roving sale concept in the country that features top lifestyle brands from around the globe. These top brands include White Rain, Pochi, Vonzipper, Jockey, Lee, Cooper, Tommy Hilfiger Eyewear, Accel, MEL Shoes and a whole lot more.

In this event holding the world's most premium lifestyle names, there will also be a Banchetto compromised of Davao City's best and well-known restaurants and fast eats, to be located in the outdoor area of the convention center.

The Off Price Show will be open from 11 AM up to 10 PM. All major credit cards will be accepted for purchases made during the 3-day expo sale.

Get a chance to win a Shopping Spree by taking photos with your friends.

Just follow instructions below:

ETC Paintensity goes to Kadayawan 2016! ‪#‎kadayawan2016‬ ‪#‎ETCPaintensity2016‬ ‪#‎DavaoDigitalInfluencers‬ ‪#‎DDIxETC

Enjoy the fusion of high-energy music, art, dance, and paint in one spectacular party happening on August 20, Saturday, at SM Lanang Premier from 4 PM to 1 AM.

For everything Fun, Stylish and Trendy, ETC is there!

And for the first time, ETC will join one of the most distinguished, grandest and colorful festivals in the Philippines -- Kadayawan. A festival that Davaoenos give honor to their culture and historical heritage. A day of thanksgiving for all the blessing granted on the city.

ETC will party with the Davaoenos and tourists for a spectacular event that fuses high-energy muisc, art, dance, and paint. ETC Paintensity-Kadayawan 2016 will be one-of-a-kind colorful festival. From the famous Sinulog and Masskara street parties they will bring unlimited drinks, paint blasts, paint spraying installations and exceptional performances by top DJs featuring BadKiss, Martin Pulgar, Knoxville, and other renowed DJs in the Philippines to Davao.

ETC Official Social Media partner is Davao Digital Influencers, a community of media, microbloggers, bloggers, vloggers and social media enthusiasts will be present to color the night to capture intense, snappy and edgy profile shots in the event.

Admission is FREE!

But wait, there's still more...

Join the #ETCPaintensity2016 Giveaways  and 
Get ETC T-shirts and FEDORA Hats for FREE!!!

1.) ETC will be giving away 2 ETC SHIRTS and 2 FEDORA HATS, so there will be 2 lucky winners for the shirt and 2 lucky winners for the hat.
2.) Prizes would be claimed at the event proper.
3.) This is only applicable for Davao residence.

 Here's the mechanics:


1. Strictly NO SMOKING. Our smoking areas are located near Vikings, and near RDU fronting SM Store entrance.
2. For safety purposes, wearing of slippers and bringing of backpacks are not allowed.
3. Dangerous and violent activities will not be tolerated. Offenders will be forced to leave the premises.
4. Throw your garbage on the designated trash bins in the area. Recycling is highly encouraged.


1. Professional video and photo camera (SLR with detachable lens)
2. Big posters/banners/placards/signage
3. Laser pens and pointersWeapons and/or any sharp objects
4. Candles, fireworks and/or any kind of pyrotechnics
5. Glass/pet bottles, cans, hard plastic containers, etc
6. NO pets allowed
7. Alcohol beverages and illegal drugs
8. Large chains, spike bracelets, wallet chains, large metal belt buckles, food and drinks
9. Chairs (any type)

For safety reasons, children, pregnant women and anyone with disability will NOT be allowed to enter. STRICTLY FOR 16 YEARS AND OLDER ONLY.



***For further details and updates, check out ETC on and on Twitter and Instagram via @etc_channel. Don’t miss out on the fun at #etcpaintensity2016!

Bring back the Glow of Your Hair with Hair Philosophie by Jing Monis #PressDelight #HairPhilosophie #Beauty

Imagine having a dull moment with your hair, thinking to shave it completely. Well forget it! There is a place that will bring back the glow of your hair.


The best tip to have a beautiful hair is having a good and healthy lifestyle, but due to busy schedules which are all stress-related health issues we neglect to take care of our hair. To restore your hair's softness and shine, we need someone to check and remind us that, "Hey! You forget something in your life, settle down and have a break...let's do something with your dull hair!"

Indeed a perfect day because we got a chance to meet and greet Jing Monis himself in the salon. The presscon started with laughter as Jing Monis crack a joke and everyone in the room started laughing out loud. Then we proceeded to ask serious question about his work and personal life, how he deals salon problem, etc...

Photo credit to Hair Philosophie Instagram
Time constraint because he need to catch up his afternoon flight, we get a wrap up of the most important information and details about his future plans and ended our meet and greet by a photo session together with Ms. Lelis Pimentel (Franchise owner of Hair Philosophie Davao).

***a good news to all fashion enthusiasts out there.. as Jing Monis disclose to us a secret that YOU will surely's all about BRITAIN, IRELAND,  and MODEL in the Philippines Soon!***

Knowing that I am one of the chosen blogger to avail of a hair pampering by Hair Philosophie by Jing Monis'(HPS) Creative Team. A press delight that send via email thru Rain Dimalanta, Marketing & PR Manager of Jing Monis Salon Inc.

Indulging with the finest hair services, using the premium salon brands such as Schwarzkopf Professional, Macadamia Natural Oil, and Wella Professionals.


Honestly, I have a brittle and dull colored hair because of my endless retouching of hair color. So, when Rich Chua(my Hairstylist) asked me what to do with my hair - I answered, "just make it back to its shiny, smooth and healthy hair".

After the washing, they apply color to my hair using two mixture of colors, Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal Hair Color or the 5-88 Light Extra Red Brown 60ml and Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal Hair Color or the 7-65 Med-Auburn Gold Blonde 60ml.

Thanks so much, now I know how to achieve my hair color now!

Rich Chua together with his two other assistance really take good care of my hair. It was a feel of relief that I achieve the satisfaction I need.

It was a dream come true when I got to see the result after the HAIR COLOR, HAIR CUT and HAIR TREATMENT at HAIR PHILOSOPHIE by JING MONIS located at the 2nd Floor Abreeza Corporate Center, JP Laurel Ave., Bajada, Davao City.


  1. This is just a suggestion since we all know that people now are relying more to social medias like Instagram, Facebook, TWITTER and SNAPCHAT to update statuses or post pictures about their whereabouts. I suggest that wifi should be 'accessible' as soon as they are inside the salon - no need to ask for a password.
  2. as soon as the clients get inside the salon they can make update & post pictures -- This is another way of promoting and attract new clients! what happened is that we need to ask for the passwords, this will Just add workload to the front desk & manager, instead of ASSISTING and giving inquiries and details to customers, they are all distracted if someone tend to ask for the password again and again.

All in all I really have a total hair pampering. I was amazed with the service and as I said I am greatly satisfied with my hair. A good excellent service and a BIG SHOUT OUT to the Jing Monis Creative Team.

Thanks for the love!!!

For more information, you can visit their site:

Hair Philosophie by Jing Monis

FitFlop™ Rock n' Rola Fashion Experience at Chimes Boutiques #FitFlopForSuperwoman #FitFlopRola #ChimesExclusive

I can't tell how many times Chimes Boutiques invited me to be part of their events and activities, but due to a busy schedules,  I was unable to attend it. My schedule is always a challenge, but this time I said "YES" to the Rock n' Rola launching held at Chimes - Felcris Centrale.

July 8, 2016 ROLA  was launched.

Who insist not to go to a FitFlop event, all girls want to be part of this once in a lifetime gathering. When it comes to fashion and style there is always a room for a woman to showcase their desire on a prevailing taste of new creation and design.

A woman's clothes says about her personality, same as with the footwear she wears. What women wear can give a powerful insight into who they are too!

#FitFlopForSuperwoman to live up to the idea of a STRONG WOMAN with a sense when it comes to classy fashion, trend, fad, look and mode.

Sheila Bonifacio-Espinosa Rock n' Rola Attire Winner post together with the Chimes People

FITFLOP™ is considered to be the most casual of casual shoes. And you can pair it with the clothes you like...NO RULES to follow!

Well, for some others, FitFlop™ get a bad rap. Some will tell you that they're never appropriate. Hey, your very very wrong --- the fact of the matter is, there are times when FitFlop™ are not only appropriate,  but they're actually ideal to wear anywhere.

Make it be a ROCK n' ROLL, RUGGED or CASUAL #OOTD! Here is the game which I really enjoyed as part of the participant.

There are 3 groups consist of 3 or 4 members. We are given 5 minutes to dress up a mannequin to a ROCK n' ROLA #OOTD and winners will get a pair of a new ROLA and a special bag from Anthill Fabric Gallery.

Our group got the 1st place, but for us we want to believe that we are the winning group. Why? Well, when we talk about ROCK n' ROLL we usually associate it or pair it with BLACK colors or a BLACK LEATHER JACKET. But for us, modern Filipina --- ROCK n' ROLL can also be associated with different colors. Same us with the concept FitFlop wants to implicate to all their clients --- simple, classy but ROCKIN' in style!

The Winning Group together with Chimes Management 

FitFlop is ideal to wear anywhere make it be at the BEACH and EVERYDAY CASUAL WEAR. For some, they wear it at the office (but considering offices had a dress code) you should be aware of the sanctions. But even there's a rule in the office, I see some others bring it with them to their office, easy to slip into a bag, making them great for wearing to and from work, still you have that Professional Look.


These styles are exclusive to the department store's branches in Felcris Centrale, Abreeza and Governor Sales.

The event was ended with blast of fun, delicious food and freebies. Special thanks to Ms. Ren of Chimes Boutique for the invites.


Back To School Essentials for Tweens #BacktoSchool #Fashion #SchoolFashion #TweensFashion

I am a mother of a two tweens even if we have large age gap between us,  I see to it that when I go shopping for their school essentials they will love it! The fact that we have different preferences what I do I go with their preferences and associate with their generations.


I know when it comes to school fashion, teenagers are heavily influenced by social media and know better what's IN or OUT. This year, they are using gadgets rather than clothing (since my tweens have school uniform), to say that you are "IN STYLE".

And if it is the first day of school and you want to make a good impression to your classmates, friends and teachers you should have the confidence to show them what you got (but not to look boastful, it's another story).

Here, I'm sharing with you the things that my two tweens requested me to buy. Though I did not buy them all, but still I consider other things as essentials for them aside from the gadgets they want.

All Over Print Hoodie

Lilly Pulitzer Big Flirt Travel Umbrella

Vera Bradley Shimmery Stretch Hair Ties in Pixie Blooms

Simple Pleasures ''Brains & Beauty'' Spiral Notebook, Pink

Wheat Lucky Cat Shaped 8 Digits LCD Display Electronic Calculator

Food storage container

JAM Paper Small Red Binder Clips 19mm 75 inch) 25 Binder Clips per Pack

Swingline TOT Mini Stapler with Carabiner Clip, 12-Sheet Capacity, Pink/Purple, 2 per Pack

Cup Cakes Eraser Box

Office accessory

Girls Clothing Online | Clothing For Tween Girls | Shop Justice

U by Kotex Tween Pads 16 count

Simple Pleasures Strawberry Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer, Red

Office accessory

The Secret to Drinking Enough Water During the Day? It's All in the...

Trendy Fashion Mouth Mask #Fashion #Trending #MouthMask #DesignerSurgicalFaceMask

Passing the streets from uptown to the bustling road of downtown, it's becoming more and more obvious to see people wearing surgical mask or mouth mask in public. And for me as far as I can remember, it's a phenomenon that's long been common in other countries which have SARS outbreak and BIRD FLU which cause a lot of panic in Asia and across immigrant populations in the US. Plus, the deadly EBOLA virus disease that give more fears to the Asian immigrant, that even the infection dropped in zero - people aren't taking any chances - despite the fact the authorities already release a statement that Ebola is not airborne-transmitted disease

Be-ing Suites No UV-Light Red Light Collagen Machine Bed Therapy #CollagenMachine #MachineBed #Beauty #AntiAging

If you want to look and feel younger , you're certainly not alone. Everyone likes to have a younger looking skin. However, to maintain that kind of look you have to get the best antidote for age and that is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat right and keep brain active --- means you have to exercise, work and not feel stress.

There are many ways to keep yourself young:

KEEP YOUR SKIN SMOOTH by washing face before sleeping and put SUNSCREEN when going out,
KEEP YOUR BODY FIT by exercising,

These are methods to retain your YOUTH and HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. But what if, those italic-highlighted words stated  above will be given to you at a one-time experience by a Machine Bed called the No -UV Light Red Light COLLAGEN Machine Bed Therapy at Be-ing Suites?

My Collagen Machine Bed Therapy Experience

This exciting scientific technology discovery uses Photo Rejuvenation via RED LIGHT TECHNOLOGY as a natural, safe and relaxing method that boost your body collagen in order to produce smooth skin,  reduces wrinkles and creates more youthful looking skin.

I'm a bit hesitant to try this therapy, because I am a Claustrophobic person. I am afraid to enter a closed room or elevator, thinking that I can't escape.

Two days convincing and I said YES! Why not fight my fear after all it will just take me 20 minutes inside a coffin like bed.

So here I am prepping out, need to take off my clothes, etc...

Excited and a bit nervous.
Whew! Can I do this or do I need to back-out!

I am ready!

They give me goggles to protect my eyes from UV rays.
Anyway, I lay down and have a good positioning inside the machine. The staff get my towel and half-close the upper tube and set the machine to 20 minutes only, as stated in the manual.

As I waited to end my 20 minute session, I tried to relax and sing at the same time with the music played inside the
machine. This is to keep you upbeat and not to feel bored.

Over a period of time you will be able to feel that the machine bed is wet as if you pee - but it's not, the wet means you sweat a lot.

The machine alarm and that's the end of my 20 minute session.

Finally, I am finish and I've notice that my skin become radiant and smooth. The long term use can give you great skin.

They serve me a glass of water to drink to keep me hydrated and they also ask me to apply Virgin Lotion via OZONISM to keep my skin hydrated too!

Be-ing Suites is now offering the Best Non-Surgical Treatment to LIFT SKIN and BUILD COLLAGEN - RED LIGHT COLLAGEN MACHINE, first time in Davao.

For reservation call: 234-9088/0933-2639063

For more info about the Collagen Machine Bed made by HAPRO:

Or you may read this article here: Benefits of Red Light Collagen Bed Therapy

A good rule of thumb is to simply not overdo it and listen to your body always. If your skin become irritated, cut back and STOP! Remember safety should be number one priority, even ahead of getting good skin.

For the location of Be-ing Suites click HERE.