MPMG tops TikTok Philippines Men's Fashion Chart for selling more than 10,000 clothes in one day

Make “Philippine-Made” Great (MPMG), a local clothing brand, has secured the top spot on the TikTok Philippines Men's Fashion chart for October and November 2023, following a surge in sales with over 10,000 orders in a single day. Demonstrating rapid growth since its inception in February 2023, MPMG has notably gained traction in the Philippine fashion industry, particularly among young consumers.

MPMG is renowned for its minimalist designs and wide selection, providing affordable and versatile basic wear options for all. The brand is dedicated to offering high-quality, locally-made clothing that caters to the younger demographic. They provide stylish yet affordable fashion solutions. MPMG understands the fashion requirements of young consumers by offering a range of affordable yet fashionable clothing choices. They emphasize that fashion serves as a medium for personal expression, shifting away from the conventional emphasis on luxury brands and costly garments.

MPMG has achieved great success by implementing a key strategy that involves leveraging social media platforms, specifically TikTok, to effectively engage with younger audiences. The brand's "Buy 1 Take 1" campaign played a crucial role in boosting its visibility and contributing to its overall success. This was evident as the campaign led to an impressive milestone of over 10,000 sales in just one day.

MPMG has recently achieved the remarkable feat of securing the top position on the TikTok Philippines Men's Fashion Chart for two consecutive months. This accomplishment stands as a testament to the exceptional quality of their products and the unwavering dedication of their team. MPMG has set its sights on expanding its market reach in the future. The company has plans to specifically target Southeast Asia and the global market.

This milestone is a significant moment for MPMG. It represents a groundbreaking achievement for our brand and serves as a bold statement about the increasing influence and global potential of Philippine-made fashion. In less than a year, we have transformed from a local startup into a trendsetter. This success is a testament to our strong bond with youth and our talent for revolutionizing fashion through minimalist designs. We are more than just a clothing retailer; we are infusing the vibrant spirit and creativity of the Philippines into every fabric we weave. "This is not just about fashion; it's a movement," stated Kevin Co, CEO of MPMG.

MPMG is committed to further expanding its presence in the fashion sector and encourages customers to show their support for Philippine-made fashion. The brand is planning to introduce additional initiatives as it works towards redefining fashion norms, empowering young consumers, and making a significant impact in the global fashion market.