Polly Lashes: Even Beginners Can Get These Lashes To Stay On

I really have the hardest time in putting false lashes, that's one of my irksome shame in makeup. I've done lash extensions and lash lifts, but as for the false lash strips, my skill level is just there. I'm not a beauty guru, but I love putting makeup on my face, for me, it's a satisfaction especially if you put false lashes perfectly!

DISCLAIMER: This is not a paid or sponsored post, this is based on my personal use of the product

My usual routine in putting lashes and over the years I've tried it, I failed! Especially when you apply the lash glue, it's a complete mess.

I'm so happy that POLLY LASHES introduce ADHESIVE PEN LINER in the market. And as a Beauty Product Reviewer Blogger,  I just can't settle for janky-looking falsies. I love to look for natural, dramatic lashes, but extensions are tedious and look expensive. Something that you are living in a luxury lash lifestyle, but budget-friendly.

I bought the product for P499 only. FREE Shipping Fee.



✅ 3 Lashes (reusable up to 20x each pair)

✅ 1 Tweezer

✅ 1 Adhesive Eyeliner

As soon as my product delivered, I used it immediately. Honestly,  I'm curious because I read so many product reviews regarding Polly Lashes and all are positive reviews.

So, here's my review for Polly Lashes.

Natural Look Lashes

Extra Full Length Lashes

Wearing fake lashes is like a love/hate relationship and that was before. Now, I really have the hardest time because when you start wearing it and you know how to do it alone, you start to look naked without them — like your eyes without mascara, or your ears without earrings. False eyelashes are just so much fun, and thanks to POLLY LASHES they pull the entire package, the good pair of lashes (that depends on your mood) and the best adhesive pen liner that helps your eyes look bigger, seductive and picture perfect.

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  2. Hey, This was a really nice post, I landed here because my mom just got an eyelash extension today and I was getting more info about it. I must say this was a nice blog.

    1. Wow! Great to hear that Richard. Thank you.