A Mystique Journey With Angels and Crystals

Are you obsessed with crystals? How crystals went from New Age curiosity to mainstream sensation? Want to know more about Angels?

When I was young I am fond of collecting different type of stones. As far as I can remember, aside from stationery papers for barter and stamps I also have this tin can full of assorted stones which I get from my everyday walk from school, park and along the road. Later did I know, that those stones are not regular stones - they are the so-called CRYSTALS!

Stones like these are sometimes called peebles by my great grandmother. But these are crystals that are once dismissed as hippy dippy nonsense. Right now, they are the talk of the town, an eye-popping accessories used by the models, influencers, Aristocrats in their everyday runway catwalk routine lifestyle like handbags, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc...

One of the breakout stars business for this year is the Crystals. Crystal healing is on top for four years in Google Serp, and it generally spikes up between January-February of 2019.

Why Crystal Mysticism gone mainstream?

So glad to attend a Crystal Series session organize by Mystique Angels. Through them I finally found the crystal that match me!  

I was blown away by the crystals and how it had found me.

Personalized Healing Bracelet by @angelsandcrystalsglobal

Smokey Quartz: Protection, Peace of Mind
Red Tigers Eye: Wealth, Protection
Garnet: Business and Passion
Citrine: Wealth, Happiness, Success
Carnelian: Success, Abundance
Jade: Good Health, Luck, Love
Rose Quartz: Attracting Love, Harmony, Self Love, Friendship
Sodalite: Communication, Courage
Blue Chalcedony: Mystical, Calming, Speaker's Stone
Amethysts: Peace of Mind, Calm, Focus

Necklace for Protection, Grounding and Strength by @artzyquartzy 

Himalayan Salt one of the purests salts available and says it help boost several health benefits.

Onyx is a powerful protection stone. It absorbs and transforms negative energy and helps to prevent the drain of your personal energy.

Bay Leaf or ground bay leaves can be used for extra strength. It enhance muscle strength and endurance.

Aside from knowing our personal crystal, with the help of Ms. Princess Buendia (the Angel Reader) we also meet our personal Angels.


Explanation is here:

A gold coin falling from the big horn (one) held by both hands will enter the hat that the man is presenting , of a couple looking surprisedSome may be familiar with the gold that falls like overflowing from the corner

Yes, it is Abundantia which is the goddess of richness and prosperity. Abundantia brings gold coins that literally overflow from the horny of fertility held in hand to us. The angels depicted on this card, like the goddess Abundantia, are bringing unlimited abundance. 

Just receive us with gratitude, enjoy the wealth, let's circulate further. 

There is no limit to richness. By receiving you we will not reduce the share of others. Its shape is also varied. It is in the form of money,Work, opportunity, timing. Or goodwill, kindness, compassion. 

Please make use of the richness delivered. Utilized richness will produce the next richness. 

Since an angel is about to deliver endless richness, let's spread out both hands and receive it. This richness is a proof of angel's love, and now and now, there is no end to it.

It was quite a teacher. I learned that these magnificent crystals is one of immense information storage amongst other purposes. I have been waiting for the perfect time to unlock the treasures contained within me and I am happy, so much grateful to be in the presence of these powerful quartz crystals and energy they were putting forth, I had my healing crystals and Angel to guide me.

Regardless of whether crystals work spiritually or financially, interest on them has deepened especially to the world of fashion. Crystals remain at the market at the highest selling mark, though, people are now adding them to their water, food and even on makeups. Some organic beauty products are made from water that has been filtered through rose quartz, for them "to give the vibration of self-love".

In the fashion industry, crystals are added as accessories like headband crown, necklaces, earrings, bracelets. The appeal of mysticism seems to be that it is in fashion, yes, it look nice, and translates well on social media. Crystals certainly give wisdom, a great depth of knowledge or thought. The Angels, crystal crafts, the Himalayan Pink Salt that is very popular now on Instagram stories, this is quasi-religion for the social media age.

Today, crystals is not an alternative but it claims to make our lives better, we make it accessible to anyone, we treat as commodity and thus it goes mainstream and now it is sold everywhere online and in malls.

Photo credit @JojieAlcantara

Photo credit @JojieAlcantara

Thank you so much @mystiqueangels233, @artzyquartzycraftsandcrystals and @angelsandcrystals