Salon Experience at Hair Studio Gaisano Mall

I am lucky that I have long and healthy hair, but problem is when you colored bleach you hair it doesn't come with a catch after a month. If I don't get a hair treatment, it will start to have a mushroom effect hair texture, wherein it start to burst out at the sides and become frizz like a dead hair in all the wrong ways. And I don't have a trusted hairdresser to catch it before the real proof is critical.

This photo of Gaisano Mall of Davao is courtesy of TripAdvisor 

Recently, I got the chance to chat with Ms. Mary Jenny Lim-Carpio, Owner/Proprietor of Jenden Hair Studio and get some of her top tips on how to have a beautiful hair and lifestyles. She want me to experience hair and nail salon at their Hair Studio located at the 3rd floor Gaisano Mall Davao.

I had my first visit to the salon last week and was blown away. When I first entered, it was like I am inside a shopping mall (indeed I am inside a mall-but seeing many people inside a salon both male and female) I was completely shock! They have many clients that time and the good thing is that the salon has many staff's too! The ambiance was so relaxing which is exactly what I needed after a stressful week.

I was welcome by Ms. Che, the Hair Studio Manager, she was very helpful. My assigned stylist Ogie was very accommodating. Before I went in I was nervous about having a change, but I felt I am in good hands with Ogie.

I had my hair washed and was offered a really great massage for my SP Hair Treatment.

SP Treatment is good for colored bleach hair. I have fine hair and have had bad experiences with breakage from bleach and hair color, your hair will be dry and brittle - and this treatment suits me.

While waiting for 15-30 minutes hair treatment, I was introduce to Nail Gel Manicure.

Nail Gel is different from Acrylic ones. Acrylic nails are made of a powder dipped in a solvent. While Nail Gel, comes in a nail polish shades, and are made hard by being cured under a UV or Led Lamp.

If you are doubtful about UV lights, that radiation can be dangerous to health, that purple-colored lights has been part of salon services since then. Luckily, there have been huge improvements in gel technology!

Gels can last 2-3 weeks. If you are a busy mom or if you a bunch of events coming up, gels can be the best solution to have a nice nails in every event/activities your going because this will last about 2 long weeks without chipping.

Absolutely loved my experience. As a working mom, I don't get a lot of time to pamper myself but my stylist Ogie of Hair Studio and the rest of the staff treated me like a queen and I feel so refreshing when I left ready to face the world.

I even had my new hair cut and got exactly what I asked for.


Finally, I found a decent stylist. Having trailed with different salons for years I have had mixed experiences especially with hair colors and treatment - but Ogie did a great job and reassured me that my hair treatment condition would help restored my hair overtime.

At Hair Studio, you get what you pay for - a look you love, healthy hair and a staff who cares. Though the salon does get busy but the ambiance is just right even with all the hairdryers blasting out in chorus - not to hip and trendy but certainly not dull either.

I would happily recommend Hair Studio to anyone. If like me you're reading this reviews wondering whether to book, then do it... Visit them now and avail their 50% OFF in all MAJOR SERVICES in celebration of their 18th year Anniversary only for tomorrow 8th of June 2017.