The Benefits of Foot Spa To You

Having that relaxing moment, to get out from a restless and tiring hours of standing up and walking, is a remarkable way of expressing our self that we need some pampering from a stressful day ahead.

Everyone enjoys the power of the Foot Spa, the massage and the cleaning of our feet so helpful and relaxing indeed. But does anyone really know what benefits it can give us aside from RELAXING and RELISHING PAIN?

Got this one from Lifehack, and reading it made me realize that FOOT SPA is not merely a MASSAGE but also a REFLEXOLOGY that helps our body AWAKEN --physically and mentally. It helps unwind our personal sanctuary and rediscover the ultimate space of our TOTAL WELL-BEING.

This allows our self to a fully immersed in a private and personal inner journey. 



Foot are good in a foreplay to start with a passionate love making, by using a massage oil, scented candles and a sweet & light music as the background. This will help bind the togetherness of the two partners, it sought all the problems and tense from work, help each other to relax for a nice mood of a loving.


Due to our lifestyles, we tend to forget how important our feet are. The muscles in our feet need exercise too! Just for 10-20 minutes massage session before going to bed, this will help improve circulation all over our body. 

Such that, we all know that our feet are also connected through our inner body, by FEET REFLEXOLOGY.


When massaging your foot and ankle by exercising and stretching, it will strengthen joints and help prevent future foot injuries.

And if you are injured, by massaging it help sought the pain and aid the recovery.


By REFLEXOLOGY Foot Spa Massage, our feet are put in a state of RELAXATION.

This spa treatment is very important, especially for those who are frequently visited by anxiety attack or even to the cancer patients, who are unease, not comfortable. The massage will help them fight depression and stress.

Regarding headache and migraine, study shows that reflexology Foot Spa Massage reduces symptoms of headache as well as the migraines. 

And it gives a positive lifestyle in their everyday living.


A 10-minute foot massage session, 3x a week will result to an improved mood, less anxiety and lower blood pressure.

Very important to those who have dementia.

It is not just a FOOT SPA! It doesn't mean you only have to pamper your feet by painting your toenails, but also helping your body to become healthy again. 

A treatment that allows the entire body to be in a GOOD CONDITION.

How to make your own FOOT SPA? CLICK HERE

  1. Need to have a bowl of warm water.
  2. Scented bubble bath and baby oil.
  3. Exfoliating cream or a Balm
  4. Moisturizing lotion



  1. It really helps on the blood circulation plus it's such a stress reliever.

  2. The FIRST and the LAST image will certainly push me to get FOOT SPa more often. Really love this post of yours Pal :) . Thanks for sharing the knowledge!

  3. Foot Spa has always been the starting point when massaging the whole body because it triggers the circulation of the blood from feet up to the brain. Really, the best for spending quality time with loved ones.

  4. I love getting foot spas myself. Thank you for sharing all these benefits. I especially enjoyed foot spas when I had edema after getting birth.

  5. your post reminds me to have a foot spa.. . its so true that foot spa helps reduce blood pressure

  6. My most favorite part of foot spa procedure is the massage. Will try your DIY foot spa at home. -KarenT

  7. I am a frequent spa goer. but i seldom engage in foot spa/massage:)

  8. Foot spa or massage is always helpful for leading fresh life.more information please visit ;

  9. Whenever I see information on this, I always get in the mood for a foot massage or anything of the nature. The benefits of going to a foot spa are so beneficial to the health of your body. Reflexology itself is able to control the different components of the your bodily system. It's almost getting to that time where I need to set up a time to go and get my feet treated.

  10. Massaging the feet can help with joint pain and aid recovery after an injury, as well as reduce muscle soreness. If someone have foot problems or pains, they sure can experience foot pain relief from using a foot spa.

  11. Foot spas are always helpful for us. Thanks to it's awesome technology. The foot spa therapy might help you to reduce your pain from your feet. You should try it to get an awesome feeling.

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