DIY Skin Whitening Using Rice Powder

Hey guys!  Got a wonderful news, remember my post about Elmer's Glue for cleaning your dirty pores?  Oh well, it reaches 3000+ views and I am extremely thankful to you all.  I am very grateful to all those who took the time to read my post and write to me via email saying they've tried it and affirming that my post is very effective. Thank you so much!

This time I'm going to share another DIY beauty regimen that I am pretty sure your gonna love it!

As I promise, that I will post about DIY BROWN SPOT TREATMENT. I am not sure if you have tried this and it does not work, I suggest repeating this will help you convince once more that this regimen is really effective.

Asian women are known for their delicate BEAUTY, SMOOTH and having that FAIR SKIN. Right?  That is why I am so in touch with the ORIENT WAY of SKIN LIGHTENING having it NATURAL or TRADITIONAL beauty regimen.

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One of these remedies that I just discovered and used for almost a month now is the RICE POWDER and RICE WATER. Really effective? Find our for yourself.


  • Rice contains a high concentration of Para AminoBenzoic Acid(PABA). This is good as SUN SCREEN.

more info: WEBMD

  • Another thing here as a rice paste applied to your skin, rice powder has been shown to inhibit tyrosinase. TYROSINASE an oxidase that is rate -limiting enzyme for controlling the production of melanin.

  1. 1 cup of Uncooked Rice.  Grind using a coffee grinder.  Or you can buy a ready made rice powder.
  2. Add evaporated milk. Enough just to make a paste.
  3. Apply the paste over your face and neck.  Leave for 20-30 minutes.
  4. Wash it with warm water.
  5. Do this consistently at least twice a week until your skin lighten.

*Rice paste will not only lighten your skin but also helps smoother complexion and make your skin achieve fewer wrinkles.


Want to have that fair and more translucent skin? By washing your face with rice water you can achieve that, not dramatically but you will see the result within a month.

So easy to do, if you are planning to cook the
rice for you meal, do this: 
  1. Put the rice in a rice cooker bowl. Wash and clean the rice.
  2. Second washing of the rice, it should look pretty cloudy.
  3. Drain this water to another bowl.
  4. Be sure that you already EXFOLIATE your skin with scrub or wash cloth, so that the rice water will be absorbed well. Splash the "RICE Water" over your face as your toner.
  5. Do not towel dry after washing. Leave it damp to air-dry on its own.
  6. Result depends on how you do it.  Much better to do this steps twice a week and you will see the result after a month.

Rice Water is SAFE to use. The Ferulic Acid in rice is not a strong acid. However, about skin sensitivity issue just use your own judgement after all everyone has different skin types.

*If you still have a left over rice water (unused), keep refrigerate



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  1. This is new that rice powder can also be used as a whitening. What's good about it is that it's also organic and natural.

  2. I knew it before through my grandmother, that rice powder's good for skin. Nice posting this.

  3. So it's giniling na bigas, am I right Ms. Pal? Okay sa alright to.lols. Maybe I'll try it-kapag nakadaan ako market:)Tweeted this!

    Greetings from Kalikotpepot

  4. This is also much safer since there is no chemical component in rice powder. Just ensure that you properly rinse it though.

  5. Yes, I still remember that Elmer glue stuff you've shared. Share ko nga yun sa mga friends. Eto na naman ang isa. Thanks for sharing Pal.

  6. You never cease to amaze me with your tons of beauty regimens. Every post exciting to read!

  7. I remember seeing those Korean beauty products using rice powder. Good to know that it's easy to make at home.

  8. Hi Nice Post. Please what kind of rice should we use. is it Raw Rice or parboiled rice.

  9. Thank you for the information you have provided, I was pleased to read the article in this blog.

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