Elmer's School Glue For Cleaning Your Dirty Pores

Few months ago, as I am looking for a nice topic to write I came across a video post from a VBlogger LovelyTheresa1, talking about how to get rid of blackheads using GLUE!  Yes, you read it right, the exact glue we use at school, the good old ELMER'S GLUE.

First thing in my mind is, how SAFE is that followed by is it EFFECTIVE?

PORES are noticeable on our face, especially the T-ZONE, the forehead and the nose. Sizes of pores depends on what genes you have. According to studies, if you are a fair-skinned person your pores on the small side; while those who have olive or darker(morena)skin have larger pores. Your skin type is also one of the reason of having a blackheads or a whiteheads. Natural dry skin tends to appear pore less, while an oily skin often has more visible pores. 

*Know first your skin type. I have a combination type of skin, some areas of my face are normal but in my T-ZONE area I have an oily skin.

We all know that SKIN SENSITIVITY is not just a matter (especially our face) of what we put on our skin. Irritation and allergy are some of the factors that affect skin sensitivity, the likes of artificial perfume, dyes, and harsh chemicals.  A bit skeptical with the ELMER'S GLUE videos I saw from different Beauty VBloggers saying that GLUE can clean our dirty pores.  Need to find out for myself the real effect of the said tips.

PHp 34.75

I have already a glue in our house, though, I began to doubt my resolve upon reading the back part of the glue. Nothing indicated there that it is good for the faces. Oh well, bad idea indeed.

I try to figure it out, it says WASHABLE, NO RUN and most of all SAFE and NON-TOXIC! Let's do it...curiosity made me do it. Hahahaha..... 

I wash my face first with warm water to open up my pores. Apply a light amount of glue over my problem areas (and make sure to go past the creases where your nose and cheek meet) . And wait for 15 minutes to dry.

I don't have blackheads, but I got a smattering of tiny brown spots and lots of a whiteheads.

Since my post is all about the GLUE and how it can clean dirty pores, I need to see also the effect of it to me having only whiteheads and tiny brown spots.

ELMER'S GLUE is water based, hydrophyllic.BLACKHEADS are oil.

After 15 minutes it dries up, you can see the transparency of the glue.

A few minutes later, I am done tugging it. It look like this, a sample picture:


It really clean pores, my whiteheads are gone and my nose is so smooth (no more spiky thingy in your nose as you rub it with your finger). Wash immediately with cold water to close the pores and put moisturizer after.

I plan on doing this three times per month until my skin looks healthy again. I mean smooth and radiant, no more whiteheads.

Is it SAFE?  Yes, if you're not allergic to glue.  If you will try this and after applying to your nose you feel crying because of the fumes...STOP and WASH your FACE immediately, it means you have "GLUE ALLERGIES".

What a great satisfaction in my part that I have engage myself to a pretty experiment. Though I know some of you will be hesitant to try this stupid beauty secret with ELMER'S GLUE. Hahahaha....stupid but fun taking off the glue to your nose, it's like your playing in school with sticky glue in your hands.

*Next post will be more about DIY BROWN SPOT TREATMENT.


  1. First time to know this glue stuff for facial cleansing. Well, your article demonstrated it all on how to use Elmer's Glue. I'll recommend to my daughter this procedures.

    1. Do guide your daughter about the consequences. Some are ALLERGIC to GLUE, better try small amount first to see if she is allergic with the glue.

  2. Oh wow. I guess I don't have sensitive skin. Based on the label, Elmer's Glue seems safe. I will also try it at home haha. I just know that the smell won't be good as it's strongly glue scent.

    1. Exactly Roch, the smell of glue is the first thing you will notice when applying it near the nose.

  3. wow! If you have not post photos, then I will never believe this stuff. I will give it a try din.

  4. I think it can be effective too since when we use it in school before it doesn't stick on skin for long.

  5. I love that the results are visible and you can really see the white heads sticking to the glue. I won't be trying this one out though, because I really hate the smell of glue. haha

  6. I can't believe that Elmer's glue could be used as a beauty regimen. This is such an interesting find.

  7. You're a brave girl! LOL. I'm not sure if I'll try it on my face though. My skin is so sensitive.

    JeniG Kalikotpepot

  8. I have whiteheads too but I have not tried using glue to remove it. Now, I'm thinking of trying it. - KarenT

  9. I will definitely try this too! Hahaha! I suddenly missed my elementary days. :3

  10. Oh wow! It's only that I heard that this glue is effective on our skin. I will apply this on my face soon, and I will tell you about it. Is glue stick effective too?

    1. I haven't try glue stick since my post is all about the old glue itself, the original one.


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