Digestics with Probifiber+

I received my FREE samples of DIGESTICS from UNILAB together with NasoClear.

Digestics with Probifiber+ has a dual action formula, a blend mixture of PROBIOTIC POWDER and DIETARY FIBER which helps improves digestion, enhance natural resistance to intestinal problems and to KEEP AWAY from CONSTIPATION.

What are the advantages of Digestics compared to other OTC Laxative Drugs, other Fiber Supplements and Cultured Milks & Yogurt?


Has little to NO side effects, possible mild bloating & flatulence.

Probiotics and fiber are considered natural compounds.

Safer to take daily.

Easily dissolve and it has a mild flavor and it doesn't affect the taste of your beverage.

You can even mix it in a cool to room temperature food or by simply taken it directly to your mouth.

It has low calories intake(per sachet contains 16 calories only).



You can take it anytime, anywhere.

So much happy getting this product, this is the first product with Probiotics and Fiber in one sachet from UNILAB!

Overwhelm with the idea that you can bring this wherever you go and add this it in food, drink or take it as its own.

Base on my experience, I take this before a meal and I easily get full so I end up eating. For me, this is good because I can limit my food consumption without harming my health.

Another thing I discover after taking DIGESTICS, I love to work out and I don't palpitate.  I mean I don't feel tired and I feel lighter.

Oh, then, I have trouble with my bowel movement, though I do drink plenty of water I still get constipated. Now that I have DIGESTICS, no worries! I won't feel exhausted forever! 

This product really helped me stop my constipation.

My main concern now is that it is almost 4 months that I haven't seen DIGESTICS in the supermarket and Drugstores. I ask one of the pharmacist of a leading drugstore here in my town, she told me that the products have been recalled.

To my dismay, I even posted my frustration in my Facebook account.


But glad that it was answered by Ms. Rochelle Leonor from UNILAB that it was not recalled, they want all the stocks that are already available in the market should be depleted because they are relaunching Digestics next year 2015.

Good to hear that and I am feeling relief now. For the mean time I take their other UNILAB product the CarbTrim Iced Tea.

Anyway, here's a video that will tell us more about DIGESTICS.



  1. This really helps in strengthening the fibers in our digestive system and avoid constipation.

    1. correct Franck...and increases metabolism too!

  2. So it's probiotics and fiber pala, I thought it's only fiber. I think this is another great unilab product.

    1. Yes Peachy, got it right! They will relaunch the product next year.

  3. Not much for side effects. This is a must try product. I'm so buying this.

  4. Many people I know suffer from constipation. This is because there's a lack of fiber and water in their system. Good thing there's Digestics with Probifier+. Is this also safe for children younger than 10?

    1. It is safe for everyone. Even children, pregnant woman/lactating mother, and our oldies. But it is much better to ask the opinion of your doctor before use.

  5. This looks like a new and healthy product that helps cleanse the body. Informative post you have here.
    -Wanderer Juan

  6. My current fiber brand has no probiotics. I think this is better, will try this.

  7. It's good to know that the product is not recalled but will be relaunched soon! I haven't tried it yet and I will buy soon if available na ulit :)