NASOCLEAR: Cleans Nose Clearly

During my childhood days, I can aver that I am a healthy child except for one health condition.  I do have lots of activities in school, I love dancing but not that active in outdoor sports it's because I have problem in breathing. The problem arises when I will smell something smoky, or from the unpleasant paint smell, or from the flowers and that will be the start of my continuous sneezing and the shortness of breath.

I simply go on my daily life as normal considering that I perpetually experience this sort of a sneezing allergy problem, it continuous disturbing me up to today.

So please to know that UNILAB PHILIPPINES have this product called NasoClear.

NasoClear™ is a quality product of UNILAB, a medicine that contains sodium chloride solution, a salt solution that treats dry or irritated nasal passages.


It works by rinsing and moisturizing the nostril because sodium chloride nasal spray is used to treat dryness inside the nose, it soften thick or crusty mucus and provide relief for dry, crusted, irritated and inflamed nasal membranes due to colds, allergies, low humidity, heat, environmental factors, air travel, use of steroid nasal spray, overuse of topical nasal decongestants and other nasal solutions, chronic sinusitis, or rebound sinus reacting from smog. And it helps relieve stuffiness and makes breathing easier.

This is safe for infants and children with stuffy nose and doesn't know how to blow their noses.

Excited to use the product, but before that let may go to the product description first.

A 30ml white plastic bottle with lock and plastic cap cover for your nasal atomizer. You can easily find this in local pharmacy and you can keep this item handy in your bag. 

So Handy

First time to use this product so I have the difficulty how to open it at first, I even ask for assistance by calling my friend who happened to be a Pediatrician.

There is no specific guidelines on how to use it for the first timer like me and what are the steps to follow in using the said product.  

So thankful for the sponsor for providing us steps on how to utilize NasoClear™:

  1. Tilt your head forward and breath out. Hold the nozzle between your fingers and squeeze.
  2. Spray the the solution into one nostril while covering the other nostril.
  3. Spray two times in each nostril in the morning and in the evening.
In my case, I did not cover my other nostril, tendency is that when I cover it I start sneezing over and over.  So what I did is to follow step number 1, then spray the solution each nostril.


Feeling relief?  YES!  Something really unusual this morning, though sneezing is still there, but I can say there is a big difference unlike before. Breathing is doing great, and possibly it's my first time to use it my system is still adapting to the product.  And later at night I am going to use it again.

And to give you more knowledge about this Unilab NasoClear™ here's a video that will help you understand the product.

I will be doing an update post about this product with photos, to see how it works for me day and night.

* I was not financially compensated for this post.  I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


  1. My daughter's pedia recommended us to use nasal spray as much as possible. It doesn't have to be before bedtime or upon waking up in the morning. It can be anytime and as much as we can. All of us are using it. The one given to us is quite different in packaging though, but I'm pretty sure their wonders work the same.

  2. This could really help ease colds and help you breath better.

  3. Do you also use steroid like mometasone furouate. ?

  4. How to open it?? Sorry first time user