I am so lucky to be part of this UNILAB CAMPAIGN, having picked to make a review of their product is a great accolade.

Received the product today, February 26, 12 noon via 3 Way Cargo. I hurriedly open it with much excitement to see what's inside, honestly, I really don't know about SWISH MOUTHWASH because in our household we don't use mouthwash. The normal routine is after eating, we brush our teeth using a toothpaste that's it.

What's inside the package? Different varieties of SWISH MOUTHWASH + a Handy SWISH BAG.

Curious to know what is SWISH I hurriedly search for their site and found this:

SWISH Alcohol-Free is an oral care brand, that has sure fresh that helps fight against bad breath, gingivitis and plaque.

The varieties that I have are the following:

  • Two(2)ICY-CHOCO MINT sizes 250 and 120ml, 
  • One(1)MANGOSTEEN MINT size 250ml, 
  • Two(2)Cinnamon Mint sizes 35ml and 
  • Two(2)Mangosteen Mint sizes 35ml  

And because it is an ALCOHOL-FREE this product is SAFE and HEALTHY.  And it is recommended and prescribed by Oral Care Doctors for the diabetics patient, children above 6 years old and even pregnant mothers.

I will soon post my review after I use the said merchandise.

Thanks again Ms. +Divine RC and UNILAB.