SWISH® Alcohol-Free Mouthwash Mangosteen Mint -Review

Given the opportunity to review a product it's not a game, particularly if it is an oral care health merchandise because you deliver very sensitive in presenting information and detailed experience.

After my not so impress moment with the Swish Icy Choco Mint given the conclusion that I've made that maybe the mouthwash is not suited for me or I have a sensitive mouth, the fact that oral care like mouthwash should be comfortably used by the consumers.

This time I'm going to give another honest review based on my experience with this product SWISH® Alcohol-Free Mangosteen Mint another mouthwash product from UNILAB.

Mangosteen in a mouthwash? This is one of our famous fruits here in Davao aside from durian, and I recognize the taste and the smell of it.

Let the test's begin!

Same with Icy Choco Mint, it looks like a water though it has a light red in color and a scent and taste of a mangosteen fruit with a cool fresh of mint which is respectable.  I like this much!

Direction of use is to gargle 20ml of SWISH® twice a day for 30 seconds. No need to add water. Do not swallow.


First attempt, after eating I'd open the SWISH Bottle 250ml Mangosteen Mint mouthwash. Then as I gargle the mouthwash in side my mouth I don't feel any burning sensation at all. I love this mouthwash from SWISH, it gives me the satisfaction and the pleasure that I am looking for.


Just for the record, mangosteen is a tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia that is popular for it's antioxidant so it can be sold as dried powder, tablet(pills) or a juice. Though you can consume it as a fruit juice, do not swallow it as you gargle the mouthwash. Do not be tempted on drinking it, always bear in mind that it is a mouthwash not a juice.  I recommend that the word MOUTHWASH in the bottle should be given emphasize here, for in my case, my youngest daughter thought it is a juice bottle when I open the UNILAB PACKAGE.  Or change the packaging bottle instead, make it more look like a mouthwash bottle.  


Parents who have kids above 6 years old, please lead your children in taking this mouthwash, I am pretty sure kids will enjoy the taste of this.  And as suggested, the bottle should be modified for the misinterpretation for a mangosteen juice is being adapted here instead of a mouthwash. 

All in all, this mouthwash suit my preference.  I love it, but I hope parents should be very careful in introducing it to their kids that this mouthwash is not a juice though it smells strongly like a mangosteen juice but it is a SWISH® Alcohol-Free Mouthwash Mangosteen Mint flavor only. That this mouthwash is very good and it help keep your gums and teeth healthy, but only if you apply it right!


*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


  1. Last week, I purchased a bottle of Swish Icy Mint; I'll try this Mangosteen Mint next time.

  2. I actually use this and I really find it affordable since some brands are quite expensive than these. What I really love about this product is that you can use it without any water and while it has sting it is minimal compared to others.

  3. Hygiene is very important that most people do lack to put significance into. This product can be a break-through of starting that trend. Good job.

  4. I like the minty taste of Swish mouthwash and also their handy and easy to grip packaging.

  5. My most fave mouthwash! I first discovered this from Michelle Phan. I like the green one too.

  6. I haven't exactly tried Swish yet but now i know why my bff thinks im missing a lot with oral care and a few grocery savings too. :)

  7. Swish Mangosteen is so smooth in the mouth when you gargle it. Love the flavor too! - KarenT

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