SWISH® Alcohol-Free Mouthwash Icy Choco Mint - Review

As part of our daily oral hygiene routine, a mouthwash is used to help maintain our teeth and gums healthy.

The best mouthwash will depend on your oral needs.

SWISH® is an alcohol-free mouthwash that prescribed by Oral Care Doctors. This Surefresh™ mouthwash from UNILAB are excellent in helping preventing tooth decay, however mouthwashes alone are not a substitute for brushing our teeth.

Received products samples for review. Today's post is a review of the Swish® Alcohol-Free Icy Choco Mint

To tell you honestly, since we don't use mouthwash after brushing I have this impression that I will not like this product, maybe because of I'm afraid it will burn my mouth (a notion that mouthwash are strong and can hurt our tongue). 

Let the test's begin!

ready..get set...go...ooops...wait need to describe the product itself...

It is hardly like a water though the color is GREEN and it has a smell of a CHOCOLATE and when it's in your mouth you can sense the coldness inside, then that's justify its name Icy Choco Mint.

Direction of use is to gargle 20ml of SWISH® twice a day for 30 seconds.  No need to add water.  Do not to SWALLOW it.


First attempt, after gargling the mouthwash for 30 seconds I got a teary eye since I sense that my mouth is in pain but later on a second I feel relief.  This is because it's my first time to use a mouthwash in my entire life and I am not used to that.

After the burning sensation I had experience with this product, what's next is the coolness of the Choco minty fresh breath that it gives that last a long time.


Icy Choco Mint is cool it may be a bit unpleasant at first, but take the burning sensation as a healthy step to have a good and long-lasting minty fresh breath everyday.

I recommend this to all except for children ages 12 and below.  Why 12 and not 6 below as what stated at the back of the product? Because children at that age cannot tolerate the said burn sensation especially to those who are not habituated to use a mouthwash/gargle in their house.

Some of you will not consort with my review, but here I am stating the whole truth of my review as fact.  I believe that the spot is not exactly here, maybe I am not used to the product.  Or maybe this mouthwash is not suited for me, or perhaps I have a mouth sensitivity because as I read that the best mouthwash depends on your oral needs.  

For my next review, hoping for a more beneficial and positive outcome.

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


  1. i actually like and use Swish its not too hard to gargle like the other brands and yet you know that its effective too

  2. hat I like with Swish compared to the other mouthwash is that it has handy packaging.

  3. Love your review! Very detailed hihi I never tried using one though

  4. i still didn't try these mouth wash i think when i come back in pinas :)

  5. I agree. Sometimes, toothbrush isn't enough so u need to gargle with mouthwash to get the whole clean and fresh breath package.

  6. I'm using this now for my daily oral care. Really, fantastic to the gums and teeth because of its mint flavor.

  7. This is my favorite mouthwash! I discovered it naman from Michelle Phan :D Nice review :)

  8. We also use Swish at home. My mom always buy the biggest bottle para mas makamura kami. Lol I'm also a proud Swish user since the beginning of time. Hehe

  9. I like this brand - I think I have only used it twice or so since I only bought a small one as a trial - I like it - not too minty and all that. :)