Summer Travel with Swish

So love travelling, this time I am travelling to Cebu City, not only to work, but also to have a break and dedicate some quality time with myself.

Well, my lifestyle as a working mom,primary routine is to work and do household chores, and forget the things that I normally do when I'm still young and single.

Travelling light for me is an advantage, less load and a love worth remembering.  What I mean here is LESS HASSLE and you can enjoy experiencing your vacation with NO WORRIES!

It's SUMMER you have to stay FRESH, so better bring necessities that can assist you through your travels. In my case, I am more conscious during summer, the high temperature of the sun makes you prone to sickness.  Talking about skin dehydration, lack of sleep due to the weather, throat problems,etc... Better to have your own defends, something that will protect you while travelling.

*Clean and Refresh your FACE using CELETEQUE FACIAL WASH.

*NOSE using NasoClear - to help lubricate the nose,clean the sinuses and improve the voice, vision and mental clarity, remember our nose is the door to the brain; and when you have a nasal drop it will nourish PRANA and enhance intelligence.

*STOMACH Care, have your DIGESTICS with you. Very effective if you feel you've eaten a lot and you need to ensure proper digestive balance and promotes regular bowel movement. Safe to use too!   


*And not to forget to add SWISH MOUTHWASH for your MOUTH care. 

With Swish, you are assured with 100% FRESH BREATH all day! With SureFresh Technology that kills bad breath causing bacteria, plaque and gingivitis.  

Tendency you are conscious with your breathing and it is a basic and profound practice that when you are in another place and you've eaten different kinds of food you have to brush and gargle twice a day to strengthen teeth, gums, and jaw in order to stay FRESH.

So blessed to receive a package again from UNILABthat gives you Quality Health care for your family.

2 Bottles of Icy Choco Mint (250 and 120ml)
2 Bottles of Mangosteen Mint (250 and 35ml)
2 Bottles of Cinnamon Blast (60 and 35ml)

And as a light traveler, I've learned to bring small bag and a sling bag just a carry on to avoid baggage fees and not to worry about airlines losing luggage's. 

I bring my SWISH MOUTHWASH Cinnamon Blast with me both bottles because it is real handy and good for travelling. I was so lucky and very grateful that I am permitted to hold it in my sling bag (you know airport rules, very strict).

I've stayed in a hotel and I leave the Swish Mouthwash 60ml in my bathroom and I can convey with me the 35ml wherever I want to go.

It's an alcohol-free mouthwash, so nothing to worry, you can enjoy gargling after every eating.

Smell good and feel good this summer with SWISH MOUTHWASH a quality product from UNILAB.

Breath for health and well-being make SWISH MOUTHWASH a part of your daily practice. This is what we could the conduit unity between Summer, Fresh, Health and SWISH!




  1. I've tried Swish but not the Cinnamon Blast variant- have yet to try this. We girls can never travel without these arsenal of Kikay and essential things:)
    JeniG of Kalikotpepot