The Makeup Specialists: All About The Eyes

In modelling or in any photo shoot the highest priority we always see is the placement of the EYE. Where the nose goes- the eyes follow.  Regardless where you're facing the pupil of your eyes had a great impact in delivering your photo to your audience.

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To have that vivacious look, you only not to learn the basic and fundamentals like style and designs but learn more about the techniques and right applications(and at the same time have the right materials and the tools).

The Makeup Specialists conduct a once in a lifetime workshop experience for us Davao Bloggers who like to know about eye makeup, where each one of us took a step forward to learn and know more about our EYES. This Eye Makeup Workshop is sponsored by the BYS COSMETICS PHILIPPINES.

Asian eyes are different compared with Western and Caucasian, so we need to follow our own style in getting the perfect arch of our eyebrow. The right measurement for ASIAN to get a PERFECT ARCH of an EYEBROW is by doing this:

To find out where your eyebrows are supposed to begin is to position a stick(I used my spoolie in these pictures).

To BEGIN: from the nose, align it to the thinner corner of your eye.  Most Asian women choose to put the spoolie below just following the old way of getting the arch but remember some Asian lack of a nose bridge, better align it just in the middle side corner of our nose.

For the ARCH: position still starting the middle side corner of your nose until the side corner of your pupil.

At the END: place the stick once again by your middle side corner of your nose and align it to the outer corner of your eye.

Things I learn here is: do not over shade your eyebrow,  do not square off the begin brow, do not over extend the end, always us spoolie to measure the arch, and lastly no sharp angles.


Today we have to say goodbye with the "KILAY 2000" eyebrow or the over plucked eyebrow.  Thicker eyebrows are so much better!

What type of eyes do you have?  

Before I got serious with my topic about eye makeup, knowing first the type of eyes you have so that you will know what Eyeshadow and Basic Color Application appropriate and suitable for you.  

In my case I have both, the Almond and Hooded Eyes.

EYE SHAPES.  Determining our natural eye shape is so important as finding the right color application for your lids.

BASIC COLOR APPLICATION. You must follow the EYE DIAGRAM: BASE/MIDTONE, HIGHLIGHT and CONTOUR depending on what eye shape you have, in my case I have to use the technique of a NO MAKE UP LOOK.

PRIME the lids first, using BYS FACE PRIMER.

BASE Color to mark a perimeter.  Here I use BYS EYE SHADOW MOUSSE.


In the case of an EYE LINER APPLICATION need to put eyeliner to enhance my eyes, using BYS SMUDGEPROOF WATERPROOF BLACK EYELINER it will be sufficient to intensify my eyes and for my lower lash line I got the BYS NEON BLUE EYELINER PENCIL and blend it with their BYS BLUE BAKED EYESHADOW POWDER.

Talking about the LASHES, since I use a SERUM for eyelashes, I decided not to put false eyelashes on my eye and stick with my natural one.  I just use BYS BLACK MASCARA to have that volume and curve.

Like I said before I belong to an ALMOND and HOODED EYES, meaning my fold is not so high. That my hood(fold) is near my ORBITAL RIM.

This application is good for those who have almond and hooded eyes, those who have perfect monolids and thinner double lids just like me.

This eye makeup tutorial workshop I've learned from the Makeup Specialists will really benefit not only me but to all my readers and followers who have the same problem choosing the right application and techniques for their eyes and to have that attractively lively look during pictorial or photo shoot.


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  1. Oh I didn't know that there are such names to the different types of eyes. Makeup to me is a complicated art. Good thing that you're doing well at it. :)

  2. I don't know about make-up's and thanks for this article I learned alot. :)

  3. I think the eyes says so much about a person and highlighting its key features would help to keep it beautiful.

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  7. Now I know new things about eye make up. How about kung my eye bag ang girl. May special procedure din ba?

    1. Yes Papaleng, another procedure but very basic. Just cover it with concealer to hide blemishes and eye bag.

  8. Wow, nice kilay. I am always conscious with my eyebrow and I can't leave without a tweezer and eyebrow pencil.

  9. I don't shade my eyebrow. I mean, I don't really wear any eye make up. I'm satisfied with my lippies. But then again, I'm not getting any younger and so learning the basic of make up is indeed a need!

  10. Oh. I never realized that putting eye make up is that complicated. (to me) I don't do anything with my brows kasi and I rarely wear eyeshadow (or any makeup). I learned a lot here! :)

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  14. Very informative... the person's eyes are classified according to one's race. Is that correct? Or in the position of the eyes to a person's visage.