Monday, June 13, 2016

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Passing the streets from uptown to the bustling road of downtown, it's becoming more and more obvious to see people wearing surgical mask or mouth mask in public. And for me as far as I can remember, it's a phenomenon that's long been common in other countries which have SARS outbreak and BIRD FLU which cause a lot of panic in Asia and across immigrant populations in the US. Plus, the deadly EBOLA virus disease that give more fears to the Asian immigrant, that even the infection dropped in zero - people aren't taking any chances - despite the fact the authorities already release a statement that Ebola is not airborne-transmitted disease
The Quick History Of A Mouth Mask


The woven-cloth surgical mask is usually prescribe by Surgeons to their patients to protect from mouth-borne germs, however, the wearing of a mouth mask has become a new trends specifically to the teens generation.

There's a secondary reasons why is it being worn and it is very common now here in the Philippines ---it's for TRENDY FASHION.

As the studies shows among many young teens,  using masks have evolved into internet social firewalls. The trends makes more fashionable when they corporate it with nice designs, chic styles and/or images of cute licensed characters that can be purchased along the street, malls and online shop.


For some associated it with their #OOTD  plus the wearing of audio headsets or a cap, that helps young woman not to communicate with those around him, to avoid harassment and sexual abuse in a public vehicle.

The fact that surgical mask is use, which provide minimal protection from environmental viruses, but others use it the other way around. And as we globally facing the problem of pollution and climate change, this deadly diseases will become a routine condition of global reality (if we don't care our surroundings.

Me and my eldest daughter we use it for HEALTH REASON.

And the wearing of a mouth mask will become a trend.

The mouth mask fashion will go viral (may it look like a viral disease) that even Western countries will adapt to this kind of a fashion trends.  

photo credit: Contagious via photopin (license)

Whatever purpose of use of a mouth mask, always bear in mind that it's not all about the fashion but to help protect yourself from harmful pollution and other allergens. Though wear the mask in a TRENDY way and FASHIONABLY one!



  1. That is so cool! Are those disposable? They should sell those on Amazon!

    1. Not +GigiMcGuire.. they are washable and usable.

  2. So Cool! I know a lot of plain things are not that attractive.. I'd also like to wear one that is trendy!

  3. They look cute. I saw these types of masks in bazaars. I live in the province with less pollution and low population so I never saw the use of mask as necessary. I hope we never have the need to use these.

  4. Mouth mask really gives positive result for people who are well aware of the environment pollution. Awareness is vital for our daily activities and it should not be disregarded even in a minute.

  5. They are cute! I once worked with a charity foundation wherein we do lots of medical missions. We encouraged our volunteers to wear masks and these would something they might like to wear during our project events. ☺ -Claire Algarme

  6. They are definitely cute. I'm thinking of making one now!

  7. My sister now has cough and flu and she wears a mask. Apparently, people get weirded out and not many people in the streets think that wearing a mask it normal.

  8. I honestly think that this trend is going to benefit a lot of people. Most of us do not like the idea of wearing masks outside because it doesn't really look good. With trendy looking masks, we can encourage a lot of people especially the young ones to wear this for safety!

  9. I saw a lot of fashionable face mask in Taiwan. Our company makes regular face mask, maybe we should adopt more hip designs.

  10. This is great and cute. Healthy articles like this are my favourite post I love to read. I believe health is wealth. For great and unique contents on health and fitness tips kindly visit

  11. It is always the protective function that is more important about the mask than the fashion. It may look cute, but you should always see if it can protect you from what it is supposed to protect you from.

  12. These masks indeed look fashionable. But I would give more importance to the protection if offers.

  13. I actually have one right now. It's a cat's mouth shaped like 3 with whiskers. I actually use it to avoid inhaling dust and protect my face from the sun. I wanted a mask like Kaneki's from Tokyo Ghoul but it's too expensive.

  14. I really love this! It's so affordable, cute and helpful. I actually have one but I am only wearing it inside my house lol kasi maraming judgemental dito. Hope to have the confidence of wearing it without thinking about that other people say/think

  15. All these Fashion mask are more for celebrities to hide themselves rather than to prevent virus. Most surgical mask aren't able to prevent spreading!

  16. If cough or flu then is good to put on a mask but for fashion purposes I think its not good. Imagine a person walk into a bank wearing the face mask, he might be a robber. Thing like this can happen.



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