BB CREAM WHITENING by Colour Collection-Review

Hello there been a long time since I haven't posted a blog review of my fave products and a sort of. This time I am going to share with you what I have discovered from Tupperware Brands Philippines.

We all know that Tupperware is a well trusted and loved for the last 46 years. Very famous when it comes to household name, but this time re-channeling their industry from a household with a multi-brand and a multi-category direct sales company to reflect their strong heritage for giving the lives of millions of Filipinos through its world class product and to offer income opportunities.

One of the brand is the COLOUR COLLECTION. It caters the women love in make-up and cosmetics.


There are so many BB Creams on the market and I've read so many reviews about BB CREAM too. 

Colour Collection BB Cream(PHp399)combines the whitening magic of Gluatathione and Arbutin to make skin radiantly fairer and smoother with every use.


  1. Whitens and brightens skin
  2. Protects skin from ultra violet rays
  3. Helps heal acne blemishes
  4. Softens and hydrates dry skin
  5. Promotes cell renewal
  6. Reduces pigmentation
  7. Retains moisture
  8. Aids in improving skin elasticity

I can't say if this is really working, Glutathione and Arbutin, but I'd like the idea that it can whitens and brightens skin and help promotes cell renewal.

So let us see it further!

Honestly, the tone/sheer of this cream is not what I expected compared from the other BB cream that I have tried way back my college years(I'm not into blogging yet). Comparing it I'd like this product because it has an SPF 30 higher compared with the other BB Cream and it really helps moisturize your skin.  

It comes in a light and medium shade which suited with my skin tone. But I would suggest that Colour Collection must add more shade selection so that others have options to choose from.

Comes in a squeeze tube 40ml size. Honestly, I don't like the scent of it, because it smells like an ordinary cream.  An old scent that I've sensed from my mother's closet(hope you get my point here).  But I like this product the formula is so rich and creamy when applies to your face.

First application of the cream is that it gives you a hydrating finish and it provides nice moisture. It has a satiny finish that doesn't cling to a drier area of your skin or highlight pores.

For me this kind of a cream is like a concealer but it works different. Why? 

Concealer doesn't brighten my skin it will just uniformed and makes my skin flawless. While BB Cream does brighten my skin I don't need a lot of foundation or powder to hide my blemishes. BB Cream Whitening does it all!

Overall, I may say that Colour Collection BB Cream Whitening is one of the nicest cream I have used.  The scent of the product is a little disappointing to me but nevertheless, the product is a WINNER! It really hides blemishes and it perfectly gives me a weightless lightness coverage that improves skin elasticity.

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*  


  1. I didnt know the use of bb cream until i read this. actually i have this impression on bb cream as something that's not necessary since there's concealer and foundation. aw your blog post makes me want to purchase it hihi

  2. I actually received a BB cream sample from Maybelline a week ago but not sure how to use it :P This one from Colour Collection looks nice - and Tupperware pala ang manufacturer? Meaning, high quality din to :) I might try this product from them if I can find where their store is. :) Thanks for the nice review. Very helpful.

    joy | chemist2writer

    1. Yes sis, its a Tupperware product. You can purchase that with their sales agent.

  3. I got a sample of this too from Sample Room. It works fine but I find it quite hard to blend. It also feels sticky at some point. But I'm glad that it matches my skin tone. :)

  4. You are right there are lots of BB Cream nowadays in the market, but this is my first time hearing tupperware catering such kind of product. This is interesting, I'll try to look at this for myself.

  5. Nice explanation. Definitely I will tell this to my wife and try it. Sorry I can not it try to myself :)

  6. Good thing that it suits you really well. Maybe when you use it like it's part of your regimen, the result will be more visible. :)

  7. Aside from being a good cream, the UV protection makes this product better.

  8. oh they (Colour Collection) have a make up line na!

    indeed, so many BB creams! now may CC cream pa

  9. nice move by Tupperware to deviate to a more productive venture. Honestly, I don't know much about whitening cream, but my is an expert about this stuff. I'll let her read your post.

  10. Great review and good to know there is another wonderful BB cream out there. I just bought a different BB cream so I'll try this when my recent one runs out :D Thanks for this review :D

  11. We're the same. I don't like the smell too but the product itself is da bomb!

  12. Must try this! I only tried Ever Bilena and Maybelline BB Creams. I'm quite satisfied with them. My skin is not picky so I might check this out as well. :)

    xx Daphne of

  13. I actually like using this!! it's so light and looks so natural.. :)

  14. I like BB creams that are the whole package - doing several benefits in one container. But then again, what is the difference of BB cream and CC cream?

    1. Sis Rochirstin I haven't use CC Cream pa....maybe next time pag may magpapa'review ng CC Cream... :)

  15. i love the effect on you,, I bought a couple and yet somehow I didn't feel that It had that desired effect on me.
    leira FBW

  16. This product looks to be a winner and I will surely recommend it to my gf

  17. I have an unused bottle of that bb cream. Until now, di ko pa nagagamit because I have another preference kasi but I would love to try to use it someday :)

  18. This works for me and my mom!. My mom loves using this Bb Cream! because of it can whiten your face without getting cakey. It's truly a winner!!


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