Fairy Skin Premium Brightening Sunscreen

I've been using sunscreen since my high school years. For me, of all the beauty skincare I can buy in the market, sunscreen is the best. It has been said, that we should use sunscreen on our face and neck, every day. Yeah! You read it right!

I made several reviews about different sunscreens here in my blog, and one thing for sure all are talking about SPF and its effectiveness.  Well, when it comes to SPF: this is extremely important both for our skin health and look as well. Though all have good reviews to me, but not all sunscreens are created equal. For this year, I discover this product who got a great review from different social media sites. That's why, I bought one for only P190, net volume 50G / 2 FL. OZ 


The famous FAIRY SKIN PREMIUM BRIGHTENING SUNSCREEN suited for any skin types.

  1. Not only SPF 30 but SPF 50 PA+++
  2. It won't leave a white film on skin.
  3. Doesn't cause breakouts or irritation.
  4. Strong sun protection and its water resistant.
  5. No irritating smell.
  6. Very affordable.

It's Water-base formulation that's perfectly good for oily to dry skin.

The winner indeed compared to other sunscreen products in the market today. FAIRY SKIN came out on top in almost every category. And it earned good reviews in Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. Plus, got the best score from different Influencers and Social Media Content Creators.

I also have my own review of the product and all I can say is that, "It's easy to apply, making skin feel hydrated, and not leaving a white cast, being sticky,  causing breakouts or irritation or interfering with makeup".

Watch my review here:

It got an impressive 100% agreed by both me and from the other influencers who already used it. Aside from the appealing package and texture of the product, I'm more interested with the formula which is highly recommended, Dermatology tested and FDA approved.

You can bring it anytime, anywhere!

Ranked as the highest and effectively protected skin from sunburn. And it blended easily and didn't leave any white film and plus it has moisturizer leaving your skin more healthy and vibrant after using. It has a glow effect like a glass-skin!

Not convinced with my review? Buy your FAIRY SKIN PREMIUM BRIGHTENING SUNSCREEN now and let me know your thoughts with the product!

You can buy Fairy Skin at shopee.ph and Lazada.

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  1. Sunscreens are really important in the skincare routine but it is a task to know what and which products are good for you and your skin. Choose the best sunscreen in Pakistan for your skin.

  2. Will definitely try out this sunscreen! Hopefully, it's great with sensitive skin. I've recently invested in products that are great for my sensitive skin such as this eye gel. Hopefully this product recommendation works!