Been waiting for my package to arrive from  

March 11, 1 PM.  Package delivered.

So excited to see my BAG, almost 30 days waiting.

Need to open the item content and check everything.

A bit pep seeing my new bag, the shine through so obviously got my attention to its detail and cut.

Since this bag suits me well and I need this for my everyday use, it doesn't matter if I carry it with a complete style or just bring it with me from here to there.

To all glamorous fashionista who's looking for a bag to shine at your best, there's so much choices from sleek wristlet, clutch, dangle bag, strap bag, body bag, etc.. visit TMART NOW!


  1. The bag looks spacious and stylish. It fits you perfectly.

  2. wow! i love bags with that long strap too! very handy! looks good on you dear! xx

  3. Nice one!! Will be checking the site later, sis! hihihi...

  4. purposeful bag indeed.. if i am not mistaken this is the one you won from my giveaway thanks for blogging

  5. @working mama: yes. this is the voucher code I've won from TMART and I used it to buy my bag. And I love it so much.

  6. i like body bags! and this bag of yours looks vintagey!

  7. love it!!! my type of bag for sure! I think I have this same but different kind when I was in high school :)

  8. looks like a school bag. he..he..he. what I mean is the bag seems so spacious, pwede kahit ilang books.


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