How to Apply False Eyelashes Without a Glue

The last blog post that I have is about FALSE EYELASHES GUIDELINES.

And now everyone is asking me about false eyelashes.  How to apply without a GLUE and what are my alternatives if I don't use glue.


SELF-ADHESIVE FALSE EYELASHES.  Using these is more convenient way than putting glue to your eyelashes and it avoid messing up with your eyebrow.

1.  Hold the false eyelash tray below your face as you are facing the mirror.  The false eyelash which your eye fall into is the one on which it should applied.

photo credit: Fybrid Photos via photo pin cc

2.  Peel one strip eyelash gently away from the packaging, carefully take one end off by lifting until you reach the  opposite end by using tweezers.  By the way, I used my fingers in pulling the end strand of my false eyelashes.  It's up to you what to use, that makes you more easier and comfortable.

photo credit: Kiwi-Lomo via photo pin cc

3.  Close your eyes first before you put the false eyelashes strip.  Make sure it will fit on your eyelashes, hold it over,not against to your eyelashes.  If it is too long trim the fake eyelashes using mini scissor just to have a good precision of the lash.

4.  As you glaze on a mirror, close your eyes halfway while putting the false eyelashes to your lashes using the tweezers.  Stick the fake eyelashes strip on the skin of your eyelid immediately above your lashes.  And use tweezers to press the fake false eyelashes securely into place.

6.  Then repeat 3,4 and 5 for the other eye.

This is how it looks like after you've done all the steps:

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