False Eyelashes Guidelines

Hello guys and gals,  today I am going to give you guidelines about FALSE EYELASHES it's cause and effect to us users especially those in the FASHION WORLD.

FALSE EYELASHES give you a lot of gorgeous glamour, effects and highlights but it can give you a dose of infection too.

Lashes are divided into two types the temporary and the semi-permanent.

FAMILIAR-looking full strips lashes creates a high-drama flutter. To single lashes and cluster for more strategic placement (e.g at the eyes outside corner).

Permanent lashes or what we commonly known as eyelash extensions, are lashes applied with a stronger adhesive.

Natural lashes are available to synthetic ones(made of KERASPECIFIC FIBER), this is use as temporary eyelashes.  It can be use for day or less.  This is use by actresses or maybe some actors as well or fashion elite/models during a simple pictorial or a movie, etc.

FALSE EYELASHES are relatively safe, according to my dermatologist, Dr. Joanne Bernabe.  But we must take precaution of the rubber latex used to apply the lashes because it can cause
contact dermatitis-allergic reaction that makes the skin around the eyes red and scaly.  

Strips of false eyelashes should be removed daily, you can either throw them away or still you can use it the next day, just make sure it is clean.

Longer-lasting lashes, which are applied at a salon and stay on for about a week or more, are another option because they're glued individually to the lashes, not to the skin.  Meaning they're less likely to cause a reaction. And this is very expensive.  It cost from PHp1000-PHp2000.

If false lashes gives you irritation or you are uncomfortable to use them, then stop using them immediately.

But if you want to experiment with false eyelashes try applying lashes for everyday use and trim them back to make it more appealing and more natural(yet still have that lush).

Or I will give you my secret, APPLY A QUICK COAT OF MASCARA TO MIX YOUR REAL AND FALSE LASHES.  An inexpensive and customized look!

Me during our MAKE-UP Photography at Fashion Institute of  Design & Arts or FIDA



  1. Those eyelashes does make the eyes more attractive.

  2. I love wearing eyelashes but I always have my MUA friend to install it. They're really great in giving you that extra-glamorous look.

  3. it would be nice to use false eyelashes (with the feathers)on certain events like masquerade or costume parties... yes, we should be careful with the foreign bodies we put on. Yahweh bless.

  4. They look good. Aren't they heavy?

  5. I can't use false eyelashes since I tend to blink a lot and my eyes get watery easily.

    They look great though, especially the first ones. :)

  6. I wanna wear false eyelashes... pero di ko kasi maiwasan mag rub ng eyes e.... hey...

  7. I never tried false eyelashes and probably not,mabilis kasi mairritate ang mga mata ko .but they look pretty.

  8. I love falsies for they instantly give one's eyes volume and oomph. They're convenient for people like me who's scared of going to salons for extensions. :)

  9. Now I am learning more about false eyelashes. Great share.

  10. wow, what a nice combination of eyelashes. i only wear simple style of eye shadows.

  11. Ang ganda sana but hindi pwede sa ain ,mabilis mairritate ang mata ko at madaling mamula(pink eye).

  12. I love falsies! cant leave the house without em :)

  13. I've never tried to wear false eyelashes maybe because I don't know how to use it correctly but thanks for these guidelines... :-)

  14. my eyelashes are so short so i wanna try the false eyelashes talaga.. but i relly dont know how to put it in my eyelashes.. argh!

  15. I have short lashes, only tried wearing falsies when my mom put them on. I'm not the best person to wear such a thing because I rub my eyes from time to time. Lol. But thanks for the tip, I have some falsies here I'll try to put on some time. :)

  16. I never wore false eye lashes in my life.
    My teen-ager daughter would love to try
    some of these.

  17. Falsies are very adorable! :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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