An in-depth look at MQGQ Cosmetics: Primer, Sunscreen Liquid Foundation and Loose Powder

I'm back with another beauty product review, and I'm thrilled to announce that BMBM International's exclusive distributor of MQGQ Cosmetics has finally arrived in the Philippines.

I've been noticing this product popping up in my social media feeds, and I'm curious about Bangkok's popularity with it. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that MQGQ is a plant-based makeup that is not only safe but also highly beneficial for our skin, particularly our face.


Now, let's discuss their primer. I absolutely love their packaging; it's so visually appealing and well-designed. I must say, this primer has truly impressed me! It's incredibly convenient to carry with you wherever you go. It's not contained in glass or plastic, but it's incredibly lightweight and easy to carry.

This product is great for achieving smooth skin and minimizing the appearance of pores. It also acts as a long-lasting base for your makeup, helping it stay put for hours. One more aspect that I appreciate about this primer is its pleasant scent!


I was truly impressed with their foundation. Not only does it provide moisturization, but it also acts as a concealer with sun protection. There are numerous products on the market that offer this all-in-one package. However, one thing I really appreciate about this foundation is its delightful scent. And when you apply it, it doesn't feel heavy or cakey.

It's impressive to see that it has a sophisticated and durable formula that improves the adherence of foundation makeup while also softening and locking in the makeup's staying power. The delayed makeup fixation technology ensures that your natural makeup lasts all day.

This product offers a combination of chemical and physical sunscreen with SPF 25, providing effective protection for the skin against environmental pollution and damage.

Ethyhexyl methoxycinnamate is a type of chemical sunscreen.

Titanium Dioxide: A Physical Sunscreen

This product serves as both a foundation and a concealer, providing a smooth and flawless finish. It contains a moisturizer with a range of plant extracts, including burr hard walnut seed oil, moringa seed oil, and macadamia nut seed oil, which help to hydrate and nourish the skin.


I'm absolutely obsessed with their loose powder. Loose powder can be used to set any makeup look in place and can be used as part of the “baking” method in setting your foundation and concealer for all-day wear. If you're looking for a way to control shine and achieve a flawless finish, MQGQ Velvet loose setting powder is definitely worth considering. It has the ability to naturally mattify the skin and create a soft-focus effect.

I absolutely love how their Velvet Loose Powder gives off a radiant glow. Creates a flawless, radiant look that perfectly complements your skin tone. Prevents dryness. Get a flawless, all-day finish without any dryness. This product has incredible staying power, lasting all day without fading or smudging. With a formula that lasts for a full 24 hours, you can say goodbye to any shine, creases, or dullness. It effectively reduces the appearance of pores, fine lines, and dullness.

Well, I understand that there may still be some skepticism surrounding products made in China. Rest assured that this makeup is guaranteed to be safe and effective for use. It's clear why this product has gained such popularity in Bangkok, as well as throughout Asia and Western countries. And just to clarify, my opinion is not influenced by any collaborations with the brand.

The product's marketing could use some improvement, which is why we beauty b(v)loggers are here to review products like this. I would like to emphasize that MQGQ is a brand that you can trust.

Now available in the Philippines, you can easily get your hands on this product through Shopee Philippines or by sending a direct message to BMBM International's Facebook page.


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