Microshading Procedure at Lady Boss Aesthetics & Wellness Center: My Personal Experience

For those of us who are not blessed with full eyebrows, achieving a thicker, more natural look can be a challenge. One popular solution is to use a brow pencil or powder to fill in sparse areas.  However, there are alternative remedies for achieving more voluminous eyebrows. Microshading is a popular semipermanent cosmetic procedure that has been gaining traction in recent years.

One may wonder about the mechanics of this particular technique. Microshading is a popular cosmetic procedure that has been use for so many years. This technique involves the use of a small, handheld tool to create tiny, hair-like strokes on the skin, resulting in a natural-looking, fuller brow. The process typically takes around two hours to complete and requires minimal downtime. As for the cost, it can vary depending on the location and the experience of the technician, but generally ranges from $400 to $800, which is 22,000+ in Philippine pesos. But here at Lady Boss Aesthetics it is very affordable and the service is superb!

The combo technique, which involves a fusion of 6D microblading and microshading, has been my personal choice. But, according to my aesthetician, microshading may be a more suitable option for me than combrows due to my oily skin.

As per the recommendations of my aesthetician, I duly adhered to the prescribed course of action. As any beauty enthusiast knows, achieving the perfect brow can be a daunting task. That's why many are turning to the latest trend in eyebrow enhancement: microshading. This innovative technique involves a two-session procedure. Certain makeup technicians opt to merge the preliminary consultation with the initial session. In order to ensure optimal results from your microshading procedure, it is important to take certain precautions beforehand. Specifically, it is recommended that you refrain from engaging in the following activities prior to your appointment:

1. As we navigate through our daily routines, we often rely on certain substances to help us power through. From the ubiquitous caffeine to the occasional ibuprofen, these substances have become staples in our lives. And let's not forget about the popular fact that, as any seasoned cosmetic procedure recipient knows, preparation is key. One crucial step to take 24 hours prior to the procedure is to prevent bruising and bleeding.

2. When it comes to grooming one's eyebrows, there are a few popular methods that come to mind: waxing and plucking. Both techniques have their pros and cons, and ultimately, as the procedure approaches, anticipation and anxiety may begin to build. With just one week left, it's important to take any necessary steps to prepare both physically and mentally.

3. As any beauty enthusiast knows, preparation is key when it comes to achieving flawless skin. And when it comes to preparing for a treatment, such as a big event or a photoshoot, timing is everything. Experts recommend scheduling your facial appointments at least two weeks in advance.

4. As a word of caution, it is advisable to avoid sunbathing or using tanning beds on the day of your procedure.

5. When it comes to skincare, there's no shortage of buzzworthy ingredients. One that's been around for a while and continues to be a popular choice is retinol, also known as vitamin A. 

As the procedure draws near, it's natural to feel a mix of emotions. With just one month left, it's important to stay focused on the preparations ahead.

First Session

Upon scheduling an appointment with Ms. Florame, also known as the Lady Boss, I was advised to reach out to Ms. Lyka via message. Having had a prior acquaintance with Ms. Lyka, I opted to send her a message through her Facebook account. For individuals seeking to schedule an appointment, kindly direct your inquiries to the Lady Boss Aesthetic Davao Facebook page.


While I've undergone this procedure before, I couldn't help but feel a bit anxious this time around. You see, it's the first time I've been assigned a different Aesthetician. I experienced the expertise of LadyBoss' very own owner as she performed the procedure during my previous session. With Ms. Angie as the designated Aesthetician this time around, I couldn't help but feel a tad apprehensive about entrusting the procedure to someone else.  I have no option; I must follow the rules as they currently stand. Also, the proprietor assured me that Ms. Angie is a top-notch member of her aesthetics team, so there was no need to fret.

As I patiently awaited my procedure, I couldn't help but ponder. The revamped ambiance of Lady Boss is a breath of fresh air compared to its previous location. The establishment has undergone a significant expansion, resulting in a capacious interior that can readily accommodate a large number of patrons. In addition, a multitude of services have been incorporated into their offerings.

I must admit that I initially had reservations about entrusting myself with the procedure. However, I ultimately decided to heed the advice of the owner and proceed accordingly. I was fortunate enough to have the assistance of two skilled aestheticians. The first was responsible for preparing my eyebrows, which involved a thorough cleaning and the application of anesthesia. The second aesthetician was tasked with performing the actual procedure.

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Day 1

Day 3

Day 5

1 Week

During the initial Microshading session, clients can expect to spend approximately two hours.

Following the procedure, it is expected that the eyebrows will exhibit a darker appearance for a period of up to five days. As the eyebrows heal, the color of the brow will gradually lighten, according to experts.

After approximately four weeks, the color of your natural brow will be matched.

I have yet to undergo my second and third sessions, and I will provide you with an update regarding the progress of my MICROSHADING Procedure during my next appointment.

The Lady Boss Aesthetics and Wellness Center Davao establishment is situated at Loyola St. in Barrio Obrero, Davao City. For consultation and appointment, please feel free to contact the following numbers: 0917 126 6389 and (082) 322-6652.