GAYUMA-LIKE FRAGRANCE: You wake up all of my senses with Avon Attraction Sensation

When it comes to dating in the Philippines, it's all about putting your best foot forward and trying to win the other person over. When you enter a room, dressing to the nines, putting on enticing makeup, and sporting the trendiest hairdo might help you attract the people you want to talk to. In a world that has recovered from the pandemic, everyone will be on high alert to flirt and engage in other forms of social interaction. To properly attract someone's attention, though, you need an enticing aroma that can keep up a magnetic kind of curiosity and draw in your target without them even understanding what's happening.

Gayuma-like fragrance with Avon Attraction Sensation

Achieving the excitement of pursuit and the euphoria of seduction is not a simple task by any means. Some people have turned to age-old superstition in the form of the mysterious love potion known as gayuma in the hopes of luring the partner of their dreams.

One sniff is all it takes for someone to sense an overwhelming pull toward the person who is using it. This is a powerful spell with a long duration that caters to the wishes of the person who casts it.

In honor of its 44th anniversary in the Philippines, Avon is introducing a fan-favorite from its world-class fragrance line: Avon Attraction Sensation, the first pair of perfumes to capture the gayuma effect in a smell. Designed by two of the world's most renowned perfumers, Laurent Le Guernec (Avon Attraction for Her). 

The Avon Attraction Sensation for Her embodies floral, oriental, and fruity tones, and the rush of irresistible attraction begins the moment you breathe in this new captivating smell. Both the Spicy Ginger and the Oriental Mandarin have an immediate effect on the body. The Seductive Jasmine causes a rapid acceleration of the heartbeat. The combination of Orris and Midnight Freesia produces a hypnotic effect. Through the use of its Bold Leather accord, it creates a connection between you and your companion through the medium of an amplified and alluring odor.

And Michelle Defina (Avon Attraction for Him), these sophisticated olfactives for Her and Him are intended to stimulate the five senses: sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell. Avon Attraction Sensation for Him is an Oriental Fougeré fragrance that attracts women with the magnetic force of spicy seduction. This magnetic force is created by top notes of fiery Black Pepper and Ginger Oil, which enhance the wearer's pulse rate. The alluring Clary Sage and the reviving and energizing Lavender Oil both contribute to an amplified sense of intoxication. Patchouli and Vetiver, both of which are addictive, cause a surge of adrenaline to be released.

Both aromas are infused with a Bold Leather accord, which allows you and your lover to experience an amplified sensation that is irresistibly enticing. This helps you instantly connect with one another. When this one-of-a-kind accord is rubbed against the skin, it not only brings back a specific memory but also heightens the sensation of sensuality.

A successful way to keep people coming back for more is to keep their senses engaged and stimulated. Now is the time to put yourself out there and make use of your senses in order to unlock the doors of attraction. When you wear Avon Attraction Sensation, you will experience the gayuma effect and become impossible to resist.

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