Replacing My Hoops with Baroque Pearl by Tesori Rosari

Earrings are very important accessory for women, because it enhances the beauty and feature. It completes an outfit and balance and shape your face as well. That's why, earrings are a must have, no limitation on the time you should wear them.

I've been wearing the same gold hoop earrings for years now. They've become my "signature," that sometimes literally I wear them to bed every night. On special occasions I'll try swapping them out for a big gold hoop or beaded statement pair earrings, but as soon event is over I hurriedly back and change them. I've become a prisoner of my own hooped making, and I'm trying to break the cycle! 😆😆😆😊

Thankfully, I've met Jacinta Eve, owner and at the same time maker of her own rosaries and jewelleries of TESORI ROSARI and I also noticed this jewellery trend all over my Instagram feed — a new pearl shape is taking over. And these aren't your grandma's pearls, but an on-trend UNIQUE baroque style pearl that I've fallen in love with. 

(BAROQUE PEARL) Potato shape

with round crystal glass, though cultured pearls they called it white round pearls  

2mm white rice pearls on a string with a 9mm Baroque Pearl centre spaced by 3mm black pearls.

9mm baroque/irregular pearls on a plated chain. Available now dainty stainless steel, gold plated chains. Non-tarnish. Non-fade.

Is it just me or are these things sexy? The irregular shape feels sensuous and romantic, but are ideal for everyday use.

What's Baroque Pearl? Pearls that are irregular, non-spherical shape with dented and uneven surfaces. They often exhibit beautiful lustre and colours.  

And what I like more about it, these pearls are all cultured freshwater pearls. Meaning these pearls are mantle-tissue nucleated instead of bead nucleated. Though these are not as valuable as other types of pearls, but who cares? As long as, it gives you that modern vibe look and are very versatile. It gives you with a unique twist, making you stand out!

This is probably why baroque pearls have been rising in popularity in Instagram lately. Because it helps you showcase your personality,  they are non-conformist and a modern alternative to the classic pearl we've known.

And because I'm celebrating my birthday today, April 21, I bought myself this baroque pearls. A birthday gift to myself that I can cherish as long as I live.

Shop baroque pearls at every price point, here at  TESORI–ROSARI 

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