Beautederm BARELY THERE 3in1 Review

When I'm just a little girl, I always begged to borrow my mom's lipstick. I mean, as a kid, I loved the idea of putting makeup on my face. For me, it was daring, bolder and more sophisticated. And that really motivates me, learning to put make up. That's why I join a group of makeup hobbyist and love to revisit that enthusiasm!

As far as makeup's concerned,  many of us only wear it because it's the norm, especially if you're working in an office, you socialized, meeting different kinds of people, that is to make a good impression with clients — to look presentable. We don't want to step outside into the world with barefaced, and someone will look at you and said,  "lumabas ka pa", you really leave the house looking like that?! But, honestly, as a mom now, I'm tired of putting makeup.

I find it hassle, especially if you follow the basic makeup procedures, putting on: the PRIMER, CONCEALER, and FOUNDATION. Annoying, right? Who wants to put makeup if you are in a hurry, like you have to attend first the basic needs of your family and work.

That's why, I accentuate my feature without hiding behind the mask of makeup. I am ok with a blush-on and a lipstick going outside. But, hey, wait! I've discovered something that will help us busy mom on how to drop the monotony of makeup.

Beautederm BARELY THERE 3 in 1

I discover this 3 in 1 product, not a coffee, but an easy-to-do makeup that will boost your confidence going outside. A beauty product that accentuates your femininity. It will not bury yourself under 5 layers of foundation. Barely There to see that you have it!

Very easy to use this product. Applying it once and that's it!

Embrace your face! No matter what anyone says.

Watch video here:

Indeed, no more hassle. Once you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin, then by all means, go out keep your skin looks normal and be sure that you're wearing Beautederm BARELY THERE makeup, it's perfectly made to carry that little-girl enthusiast mood into adulthood.

This product here is only P150 in online market.

It's BARELY THERE, as if you're not wearing anything on your face.