How do I become a Product Reviewer and My Personal Take with Alpha White Products

My love affair with my face began at age 20, while I was working as a Customer Representative at RCPI-Bayantel, I am consciously looking myself in the mirror if I look fantastically sophisticated dealing with customers and constantly in awe of my beauty while working.

It was perhaps predestined that I got to work at SM Health & Beauty now Watsons Davao, that I was surrounded by woman essentials, like makeup, skincare, health care, etc.. All of them very much in tune with wonders of health & beauty. And every time I saw a woman looking for what they wanted, especially in our beauty section, I caught myself gaping at their amazing routine.

Somehow, I figured out what I wanted when I turned 30. I need to take good care of my skin, particularly my face. Though I know that my relationship with my skin will be more than just plain fascination, because I know as times goes by I will age, and skin care will become my saviour.

In my college years, I chose skin care products that are cheap and I don't mind if it is not dermatologist tested. Soon, I found myself learning much about skin care products. It was only then that I had a clearer vision of what product suite me well.

The year 2016 marked my formal foray into the world as a skin care junkie, I joined events and I do product reviews of different products for skin—not a beauty guru but as a Beauty Blogger. It all started when my colleagues from blogging invited me to join them to review a skin care product. The endeavour then seemed fleeting,  but it was what paved the way for me to know where my passion really was. Product Reviews captivated me in ways I never believed it would. Yes, it is unplanned, because my passion is just to write my personal experiences,  my personal activities with my family and children. It is like a daily journal before then I realized what I really wanted to do. And after shifting my niche from personal to beauty, clarity came, and it pointed me to where I was destined to be. But, still I'm into personal writing in general just to balance my life.

Somehow, product reviews saved me (financially). It saved me because products are given to me for free! And some companies pay me in exchange for a review of their products (honestly). In life, there are unexpected instances that one can be very grateful for and that includes the chain of events that took me to where I am today, as a Product Reviewer. After a series of events, I received emails coming from different countries, and I knew that I was finally starting my career.

Embracing my career as a Product Reviewer/Blogger, I relied only on my passion and my personal experience with the product. Honestly, I started with no formal training on how to review products,  that time there no such thing as YouTube or Google to have a free tutorial online. I only have my instinct and desire to pursue my work. Thank God that in my journey reviewing different products it became a significant part of my life, because I have to share my thoughts and experiences,  and that I was embracing every part of it.

I've begun journeying myself in a place that give me comfort.  And since that time, my addiction of skin care products did not stop me.

My Skin Care Obsession

My skin care routine is triggered again, when I got a message from Noe Petel last month (March) to review Alpha White.

Days from now, I'm going to celebrate my 45th birthday, I was determined to figure out a solution to my skin woes before the big day and so I grab the opportunity.

A #7DayChallenge using Alpha White Renewal Set (you can watch my video at my Instagram @glamourholicmomofficial). A skin care routine progress, Day and Night using only Alpha White. I had to suppress my gag reflex.  The idea was to have a #nofilter and glossy skin aka Korean glass skin effect. I really don't have problems with my face, my skin is good — though I always chocked it up to good genes (thanks to my parents). If you have a skin care ritual, I also have that — my faithful cleansing,  my near fanatic hygiene (just visit my IG).

My curiosity with the product seep in days later. I've read positive reviews and everyone using it turns out, everyone seems to have something to say about the renewal set. A lot of what's being said is so encouraging, especially if you have Acne problems (visit Alpha White Davao Facebook page).

It's Dermatologist-tested, beside what I've experienced, the itchiness and skin sensation, despite that the logic behind the "tiis ganda" it does make sense to me. There's a lot of users who claim it's saved their skin and I attest to that. For 2-3 days you will experience itching, burning sensation and skin micro-peeling. Its purpose is to get all the dead skin and protect your skin from invading bacteria – the bacteria that cause skin acne and other skin conditions.

In my 5th to 7th day, burning sensation and itchiness are gone. But micro-peeling is still there (even up to now) as I continue using the Alpha White Renewal Set. But I'm not using the orange soap now, I'm using their Dual White Advanced.

What I liked about the Dual White Advanced, it has an excellent ingredient to make your skin stop from aging. Yes, you read it right, it feels that your having your botox right at your own home. It reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles plus it moisturizes skin (face and body).

Non-filtered pic with happy skin!

After a month of using Alpha White Renewal Set and Dual White Advanced, I noticed  that things were changing for the better. My existing blemishes were lighten and got a glossy botox effect skin that look smooth and shiny. I also noticed that my whiteheads and blackheads (white bumpiness under my skin) or what we called clogged pores are gradually gone. My skin was looking as good as I had seen it in years.

After my #7thDayChallenge with the Alpha White Renewal Set and the Dual White Advanced, I therefore conclude that the answer for many skincare woes, especially those who had ACNE is to use ALPHA WHITE RENEWAL SET. And for those who have a not so problematic skin problem, to be clear, my skin is not perfect and it never will be. But this product make my skin significantly better that it has been in years. A light routine skin care is good for me, and by using their DUAL WHITE ADVANCED, just washing, cleansing and moisturising, no more obsessive face-washing. My conclusion, Alpha White is the right product for my morning and evening routine.


Looking back, the long, grueling days I have as a Product Reviewer were all worth the knowledge I acquired in my everyday experience with different skin care products. Those products I've used from the past has been part of my skin care daily routine and the experiences allowed me to become a Beauty Blogger.

Sharing the stories of my past is relevant right now, because there are a lot of Beauty Bloggers today that are starting as a Product Reviewer but don't have the right direction where to start. It is my only way to share my experiences and become an intrument to all the newbies out there that wanted to be a Product Reviewer. So as long you have that confidence,  persistence you will survive in this kind of niche—just be honest, don't take your platform as a revenge, but be an inspiration to others.

And by adding here what I've learned in reviewing products, I want you, to see how Alpha White Products give you the freedom to choose what's the best skin care product to use for you skin care problems.



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