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Who loves locally made products, especially beauty line brands? Well, that's me! I am an advocate of local made beauty products here in Davao City.

In my quest of looking for the perfect product for my Beauty Regimen, I began to search into an alternative that is locally made and it was love at first try? Well, for 10 years of reviewing different beauty products, sometimes we're not satisfied with the outcome and we keep on searching what satisfied us. That's my quest for local brands for my beauty routine — and it goes beyond just my skin, as I started to review Aromacology, COCO by Bioskin, etc. I also started discovering more Davao made beauty products from skin/body/face care, and now makeup too!


A locally-made beauty brand based in Davao City. They're not newbies in terms of online marketing,  owners are both local entrepreneurs and some of them are a WAHM (Work-At-Home Mom). Just like me! 😊😍

From right: Ms. Bea Joanna dela Fuente-Maiz, Ms. Vera Celine Ferriols, Ms. Marjorie Billie Macale, Ms. Aubrey Lin Macale and Ms. Alyanna Pauline Boncato

A partnership business, promoting their best to put good quality makeup that you will surely love.


Water Tint

Honestly, I'm a fond of a water tint. But for this, the packaging doesn't suit my personality, because I'm that kind of a person who is careless in terms of my belongings - it opens accidentally inside my pouch and it was so messy! I
 suggest to put it in much safer and tight container. 😊

On the lighter side, the lipstick is great! Especially if you put it on your cheek, looking fresh and very natural.

WATER TINT is PHp150 only. It comes in different shades:


Velvet Matte Lipstick 

I was excited to try this lipstick. But first, let's define what is a VELVET MATTE. It's a matte lipstick with a sophisticated finish. Very different with the sheer and glossy lippies. What I also loved with the velvet matte, it is good at hiding pigmented and patchy lips.

It is also good as an eyeshadow, it gives you that glow. And your eyes look alive & lifted. Fresh makeup indeed! Very light if you used it daylight and for a glam kind of night mix & match it with another velvet matte to look more sophisticated.

Velvet Matte Lipstick is also PHp150 SRP.  It has 7 shades (but I only have 6 shades during the product launching).

  1. Coral Pop
  2. Dusty Rose
  3. Gossip Girl
  4. Pink Punch 
  5. Rebel
  6. Scarlet Red
  7. Sunset Tequila

Long-lasting Matte Lipstick

If you want your eyes to have that edgy look, use the Burgundy Wine combine it with Peach Perfect as your eyeshadow, to give that dramatic smoky eye — this is something I haven't done before, but because of this lippy, first time to experiment it and it was great! Follow my Instagram to see the result. 😉😘😊 

Actually, these lipsticks as an eyeshadow is not heavy. There are 3-in-1 lipstick in the market that when you used it in your eyes as an eyeshadow it gives you sleepy eyes because its heavy — very uncomfortable.

For PHp230 SRP.  It comes in 6 shades:

  1. Baby Doll
  2. Burgundy Wine
  3. Cherry Bomb
  4. Peach Perfect 
  5. Tan Lines
  6. Tangerine

So far, I've been using the long-lasting matte lipstick since I won the limited edition of Long-lasting Matte Lipstick in a box during the product launching of Palette Pop Davao last November 28 at Cafe Julieta.

If you want to be a reseller, message @palettepopdavao Facebook Page. Avail their BUSINESS PACKAGE & MIX AND MATCH ASSORTED LINE PACKAGE

You can also Follow their Instagram account for more details @palettepopdavao

Palette Pop Davao lipsticks are all NATURAL, 100% ORGANIC and DERMATOLOGIST-TESTED and it's PARABEN-FREE & CRUELTY-FREE!

BTW, for my product reviews, please FOLLOW my Instagram @glamourholicmomofficial. I'll be posting my photos there using the different shades of Palette Pop Davao lipsticks.


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