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I really don't have a skincare routine. I just wash my whole body in the shower and applied moisturizer and sunscreen all over my face and body before going out. But now I'm kicking myself, like at age 18 I should have started it!

I'm in my early forties and looking at my skin as it age is very different, like pampering your skin with cleanser and moisturizer day & night will not banished wrinkles and pigmentation but it helps my skin feels smoother and healthier. That's why I am still wondering: What else should I be doing?

As it turns out, that a good skin routine doesn't need to be expensive with a long term engagement. As, what Ms. Maria Cristy Ganabe have told us during The Cellin Product launching held at Marco Polo.

Skincare doesn't have to be complicated. The right essentials are: Wash your face as needed, moisturize as needed and use the right product, the newest Science on Skin Care and that's The Cellin.


One of the premium cosmetic product in Korea is available now here in Davao. THE CELLIN is a skin science beauty product that makes your skin beautiful and it has a high-class anti-aging formula called CellinBio, an antibiotic/anti-inflammatory peptide materials that helps to restore your troubled skin care.

It is the best products that deal with specific concerns, like acne or aging.

If you have issues like eczema, rosacea, or severe acne, it's best to use their Real HONEY SOAP highly-recommended.

Made from a real honey ingredients!
I already use this soap - tried and tested. I love the result! Hypoallergenic that suited for all skin type. It has a moisturizing and whitening effect. Recommended for babies and all ages. And can be used by pregnant moms too.

They also have VITA Therapy Mask and DENTAL CARE TOOTHPASTE.


Good old fashioned soap is good at this job - too good to be true. In fact, it can strip away too much of our natural oils, so you're best off is to used a cleanser that sometimes hurt your sensitive skin. 

There's no strict rule on how often to wash your face, but with honey soap you can used it everyday because it is safe to use, hypoallergenic and all natural ingredients.

You don't need any special equipment to wash: just splash your face with water, massage using the Honey Soap foam on your fingertips then rinse.


Just as the name implies - VITA being beautiful. And to have that VITA factor you better have a good skin., so need to moisturize (means keep water in your skin). This is very important because everything works when our skin has enough water.

Most of us should moisturize twice a day, because we are living in a tropical country. VITA THERAPY MASK help moist and brighten up your skin.

Skin cells will naturally exfoliate and your skin will be better, especially if you have skin conditions from eczema to acne that tends to flare up when skin is dry and settle down when skin is well moisturized.


As we head out on our skincare journey, let's tackle also our teeth and gum problems. Right now, competing companies want to sell their products with a grandeus promotions and advertisements, researchers are often funded and publications that talk about beauty and skincare get more clicks when they talk about it on a social media on how exciting the product is. Well, how about dental care?

For the rest of us, well it's easy to be amazed with excitement. Maybe that product really worked for someone else. Honestly, I haven't use all THE CELLIN product yet, but the one they gave us during the launch really have a great impact to me as a consumer, especially the DENTAL CARE TOOTHPASTE.

What I've been missing all my life???!!! It's just that I am greatly overwhelmed with the information I've read with this product.


This toothpaste has a BLUE CODE STRIPE meaning the formula and ingredients used are all NATURAL and MEDICINE. And perhaps it is, but let's not discuss about the color stripes here. We consumers are responsible in checking ingredients and fine print to see if they really have what you need for your dental care.

All in all, I am happy to be part of the launching of Korea's skin care product by NRCommunications.

Special thanks to Ms. Anne Arroyo, Mrs. Philippines Asia Pacific Cellin Ambassadress 2019 for the invitation to the Davao Digital Influencers. 

Photo credit to Ysai Smgysy

What else should I be doing? I better start investing to this product that promises good income and at the same time makes me look beautifully young. If you're ready to get started --- start with the basic. SIGN UP NOW

Disclaimer: Some photos credited to The Cellin Cosmetics NRC Philippines Facebook Page

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