My OWNDAYS Experience #Owndays #OwndaysPH

You've probably seen the first store of OWNDAYS here in Abreeza Mall Davao City and you can tell that this isn't just a typical EO Stores in a shopping mall or anywhere in Davao.

Honestly, I am planning to get a pair of reading eyeglasses and viola I was invited by PREP Davao for the opening of Owndays first store in Davao.

OWNDAYS a fast-growing chain optical shops from Japan, known for its all-in-one pricing system and quick 20-minute processing time.

Walking into the store, OWNDAYS gives you the liberty to try on all frames with its open modules to infuse more fun and convenience into the process of buying your glasses. With the help of their Licensed Optometrists who will facilitate the eye exams with the state of the art equipment in refraction and with the technical know-how of their Optical Technicians to ensure that you're given lenses that are perfect for you.

I really had a hard time choosing the right frame for me, so the staff advice me to get my prescription lenses. You can have lenses made in any of these three ways:

(1) Have you current lenses copied, (2) get a free in-store eye check up , or (3) bring your doctor's prescription.

In my case, I forget to bring my old eyeglasses for astigmatism that's why they have my eye check first.

We went inside a Refraction Room and Doc Althea a licensed Optometrist facilitate me.

After a thorough eye checking, she advice me to use a reading glasses because I am suffering from a farsightedness  and digital eye strain, also known as computer vision syndrome. She suggests using a pair of reading glasses that use specifically treated lenses that are ergonomically suited for reading both on papers, books, magazines, newspaper and on the computer and smartphone too!

And because it took me too long to browse through their frame selections, one staff suggest the AIR Ultem frame.

Frame of AIR Ultem is made of unique and super flexible material called "Ultem", which makes the frames lighter than ever and a pair of Air Ultem only weighs 9.4g.

AIR Ultem "Gentle as Feathers and Light as the Air".

At OWNDAYS their prices are inclusive of the frame, ultra-thin multi-coated lenses and eye exam with no additional charges regardless of the high grade. Prices are very affordable starts from PHp1,990 to PHp6,990.

A simple pricing system means what is printed on the frame is all you have to pay - that is for both the frame and the lenses (regardless of the lens grade). 

And with the technical know-how of their Optical Technicians and of the latest technology in lens edging, you can get your glasses in 20-minutes after payment - except for option lenses. On top of that, all frames and lenses covered by their 1-year limited warranty and lifetime maintenance services.

As soon I received my glasses I felt they would suit me. I don't really have a bad eyes but I enjoy wearing glasses as my headband, and AIR Ultem is a great choice because it is flexible, very light and it go well with clothes too!

VIP's during the opening got a customized eyeglasses case.

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