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It's not an impossible dream to get your skin radiant and luminous that glows with health. A standard diet and healthy lifestyle pay dividends in achieving the glowing skin at SKIN DEPARTMENT.

People want to have a great skin, trends for the past few seasons, especially those who watch KDrama (like me) will apparently envy those actors/actresses who put flawless and glowing skin at the top of beauty agendas worldwide. Achieving those plump and peachy skin is difficult to grasp. Even if we tried yoga and litres of green juice just as they always promote and advertise just to get that good skin - fake it until you make it! A few tactical techniques to convey audiences that they get that luminous skin from their products.

One of the many perks of my job is the opportunity to be invited to beauty stores like salon, spa, parlor, etc... I'm beyond grateful for these experiences because I got the chance to avail their products & services for FREE!

SKIN DEPARTMENT invite #TeamDDI to try their products & services.

Our skin is one of the most neglected areas, despite it being the largest organ on our body. I get to travel to new destinations, go out from the house and experience different cultures. Throughout the year, everything in life come at a cost and that biggest cost is how it affects my skin.

The pigmentation and the discoloration of skin, especially when you reach the early 40's. Aside from the dry skin, my skin is constantly exposed to pollution - plus the changing weather --- humidity, dry weather, rain, etc...

I really started to take care of my skin since in my 20's and I've noticed a massive difference between 20's to 40's. Aside for caring your skin on the surface, it is also need to start fueling your skin from the inside.


Most of the creams & ointments sell in the market are both topical - choose the right products that will revitalize your skin from the inside out, so it's worth investing in those you know will penetrate the skin and great to work inside and out! 


Korean BB Glow is a semi-permanent foundation, it uses a serum designed for safe and intensive skin whitening treatments. It is recommended for people with dark and uneven skin tones and also for reduction of the appearance of freckles and skin discoloration caused by acne and/or age spots. It has a foundation effect that will last 4-6 months depends on your skin type.

It uses 36 micro-needle. No redness. Pain Tolerable.

Advice not to wash our face after the treatment, and we need to strictly follow the instructions:

1 day for 24hrs - NO WASHING of FACE!

2nd Day. JUST WASH IT WITH WARM WATER. Don't forget to put moisturizer and sunblock.

3rd Day. GO BACK TO YOUR DAILY BEAUTY REGIMEN put moisturizer and sunblock.

NOTE: AVOID FACIAL SCRUB for 1-2 weeks. MASK will do to hydrate your skin.

It can be a great way to provide much-needed hydration, penetrating deep within to draw out excess oils, clear away dead skin, and boost moisture.

I'm often cynical about the notion of a product transforming your skin, but after the first use of the SD SERUM and the SUNBLOCK for maintenance, my skin looked noticeably more radiant and have a definite glow.

A week after my Korean BB Glow Treatment (1st session).

This is one of my favorite services here at Skin Department, the Korean BB Glow, price range starts at PHp2500/session it includes Diamond Peel, Anti-aging, Whitening, RF Face. They have a plethora of skin-loving products & services that cater to a variety of skin types. 

You can also avail of their lowest packages that suitable for you, just visit their Facebook Page SKIN DEPARTMENT 

Book your appointment now at 0999 226 4602 or visit Skin Department at 1020 Mabini Place cor Penongs Quirino & Mabini St. beside Asian Cow Davao City.