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I saw many Filipino YouTubers and Bloggers have already used this product and give their honest reviews and opinions, so I bought the product out of curiosity because I wanted to try it for myself.

Bought Kyemerut shade from Vice Ganda Cosmetic line at Watsons SM Ecoland. VICE COSMETICS been around in the market since 2016, I heard good reviews about the product. Anyway, this brand is PETA-Certified, Paraben FREE and super affordable!


As expected in a liquid lipstick, it can really be drying. The shade Kyemerut look good for me, but it is not my type of pink. It was a little too pink and when applied twice looks like a kind of brown leaning on the fuchsia side when you applied it more on your lips.

               First application                                        Second application 

It's OK if you apply it once, but the sense to have a #GandangFresh look cannot be achieved. That is why you really need to have a second application to get the desired beautiful "pout" lips.

It has a vanilla scent but doesn't really cover the chemical smell it has. Though I am impressed that a local brand like Vice Cosmetics nailed liquid lipstick. The colors are truly beautiful and feel just as it looks compared to the Vice Co Matte Lipstick I have purchased (read my review here).

It has creamy formula and it glides on but it would take some time to fill in your lips. I love the brush, I admire how its slender to reach the outer corners of your lips. Same as with the Vice Co Matte Lipstick it dries pretty quick  so I know it's set, unlike some of the liquid lipsticks which take up time to set and sometimes leaving your lips wet or make that kind of smudge.

love nude lipstick, that's why bought Kyemerut because as stated on their websites, "soft, cool nude shade" , but for me its natural and warm. I am very honest here, it really varies depending on the lighting being used, lip color and skin tone. That is why it is much better to buy it at the mall instead buying it online.

For this review, I did not used a lipliner because I want to see what make shade looks like on my lips once it dries. The lipstick is pigmented and I only applied two coats on the picture above. It looks like mauve brown shade at the first glance. It is smooth and very light!

It's an ultra matte once dried up, same like Severe it really dry and leave your lips chapped, rough like wrinkles. But it is comfortable to the lips. Even if you eat or drink it last longer though after an hour it will fade - just retouched, it will not leave any patches even you added a layer on top of the first layer and I loved it! 


I think for its price, it is a good product and there are a lot of colors to choose from the line so maybe I'll try another color soon.

Just to give you a beauty tip, don't forget to put LIP BALM on your lips. An essential product to put on the lips before applying any lip cosmetics. Liquid lipstick make your lips unattractively dry and leave dry patches.

Overall, Vice Cosmetics Phenomenal Liquid Lipstick KYEMERUT almost as good as my ColourPop liquid lippies! And for Vice Cosmetics Philippines has my respect and I understand why their products are HYPE even though there are cons its still BESTSELLER.

Disclaimer: *I was not financially compensated for this post. I bought this product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*