Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa Davao: A Davaoeños Guide in Choosing A Nail Salon

Every woman needs to spoil herself sometimes. Besides from shopping, our hands and feet really deserve some attention especially us "WAHM" (Work At Home Mom) from a week of work abuse facing the computer, laundry errands, gardening, washing dishes and a host of different excuses.

It's a good thing that I have nothing to do because my two daughter have no class; which give me an ample time for some good, old-time pampering. I was invited by NAILAHOLICS Nail Salon & Spa Abreeza Davao for a day of relaxation and to avail any services that I want.

A trip to the nail salon isn't just about gloss and shine for an ordinary meni/pedi enthusiasts. It's all about experience and the quality of service.

Here's a few notes on what you should be looking for when you're scouting for the perfect nail pampering destination. Did it meet my expectation? Let's find out.

On Sterilizing Nail Tools And Hygiene Protocols

Don't be afraid to ask about what the salon does to ensure the quality and hygiene of their services. It's not enough that they say they follow strict protocols, better see for yourself - visit the salon! And ask about the process they take to sanitize their tools if you're unsatisfied.

What I found particularly when I got there, with all honesty, I was dismay. There is no available nail assistants (the fact is, all are assigned to respective customers) so I have to wait for 30 minutes. While waiting, I examined its content of their tool basket and found some of their tools like nail clipper, nipper, nail file, etc are all in a sealed packet. I have also seen other employees where in a room sterilizing their tools to prove that they are not bluffing in saying, "we take our business seriously and we love our jobs that we don't want to get sued".

I've seen this practiced by budget salons, I don't know if they are aware of health risks if accidentally cut someone's toes with unsanitized tools. We often disregard these kind of things as nothing or will never happened, because we assume that every treatment will go as planned. So be aware, that these tools have been used to service to a thousand customers.

I find it commendable that Nailaholics does this for their customers who knows what kind of bacteria or fungus is lurking if these were not properly sanitized and sterilized. Hope their staff will maintain this kind of protocol religiously even if they're too busy with their work.

Team Davao Digital Influencers enjoying the pampering!

How Extensive Are The Services Being Offered?

Interiors and great service are nothing if the salon has very limited options. The best nail salons combine stringent hygiene standards. That let you enjoy a relaxing pampering experience and gives you numerous options to choose - be it a regular mani-pedi, a Gel Polish or Hand & Foot Treatment, Nail Extension or Foot Spa.

Nail Salon should be equipped to provide you with what you need and do it well!

Nailaholics have it all! They made sure that you go to a place that usher you where you can indulge in relaxing nail to a total pampering services by Hey Sugar! their sister company that cater organic waxing, eyelash enhancement (permed & extension) and threading.

My Nailaholics Experience

Nailaholics manicure and pedicure services cost P190 to P450 depends on what kind of service do you want. Though it's not the cheapest in town but neither is it the most expensive.


The pedicure treatment started with a foot soak, massage, followed with the cuticle removal, nail cut and applications of gel nail color, nail polish and UV for the gel. I choose the colorless for my toe nails because I’m using close shoes everyday so it doesn’t matter if I choose less color, it still look pretty but not too overpowering. I like simple and it will match any clothes I wear. The whole procedure went on smoothly that I took a quick nap in between sessions.


The other assistant did the same thing. But the entire procedure took me more than an hour to wait because they only have 2 UV Gel Machine and that time the salon as I said is FULL PACK of customers. That makes sense.

It’s not my first time to have a GEL MANICURE procedure (read HairStudio), still I am slightly worried of the outcome. But there was nothing to worry though because it was generally 100% safe.

I waited for almost two hours to have my nail done. The result was great! After submitting my hands to constant abuse from computer work, it looked pretty and less tired again.

People who say that these beauty regimen are a waste of money, well they are all wrong! For me, it is a therapeutic way of making ME time by sitting there, do nothing while someone fiddles with your nails and cuticle until it look gorgeous and clean.

Do The Interiors Support The Experience?

Inside Nailaholics Nail Salon & Spa, you'll be treated to a gentle, wind-swept and ultra-chic Hamptons Coast. It's like that you are in a retreat full of vibrant colors, low-key music, visually stunning wall art designs and colorful cushioned sets, as if you are in a beach resort - a summer scene indeed!

I love that they have pillows to cushion my back and my hands while doing the manicure. They also have a magazine to entertain customers while their nail treatment is going on. 

That time their staff were not that friendly and approachable though they answer us politely. I understand they are all exhausted.

My Say:

Overall, I didn't regret my experience here at Nailaholics for my Color My Cabana Package, I liked their Foot Spa which exfoliated my feet which felt soft to touch.

I would definitely recommend that you try other services they have aside from the basic manicure and pedicure. Given that it is a FREE pampering day for the bloggers, I still recommend the PACKAGE services, you can expect to get superb service at the price or even more. 

Nailaholics Nail Salon & Spa as the number one go-to-nail and pampering destination in the country is getting lots of customers. I suggest that they will look for a bigger location that can accommodate tons of their valued clients, especially those clients who like to have privacy and seclusion.

After taking useful nail salon guide into mind, it's now your time to take a trip to the best one - NAILAHOLICS NAIL SALON AND SPA.

Davaoeños its your time to have great pampering in three of the biggest mall in the metro, visit them at the 3rd flr Abreeza Mall, SM City Davao and at the SM Lanang Premier basement level.

Avail of their GEL DARLINGS 15% Discount on Gel Services!!!


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