My Glamorous Life Experience

I've been dreaming of this for years. I've been trying to will myself not to dream anymore, but I believe that dreams do come true and I am right - it happened.

Glam Portraiture Shots brings out the best in your portraits, it's more than a photo session but an experience you will never forget for a lifetime. Upon arrival at the house of one of the photographers, the nervousness begins. This is my first time to do a photo shoot with the Davao Photographers Club, started with a greet and personal consultant with what will be the process in having a photo session with them. I enjoy the complimentary coffee drink prepared to us and making myself comfortable with the surroundings.


From a natural to a va-va-voom transformation created by a professional makeup artist SHANE BALASI, one of Fanny Serrano Makeup Artist in Manila. She created the look that the photographers wanted to envisioned before the photo shoot started.  




Shane give me the styles that will enhance my beauty and corporate it with my apparel. Whether you know exactly what you want it's still safe to ask from the team what is the best look for you.

My different looks talks about Women's Empowerment. The color bravery and bold talks that women are equal to men.


Gary Sato and Sarah Alegado both from the Davao Photographers Club bring out the best in me, giving me tips on what to do and the best expressions in making my posses that really flatters me while showing off my unique style and angle.

2nd Place
Glam Portraiture Contest
by Sarah Jean Alegado

You will surely see how professional they are as they hold their cameras, with my new look in every places we've been to you will see how they capture amazing images and give you a breathtaking experience.

By: Gary Sato


1st Place
Glam Portraiture Contest
by Sarah Jean Alegado
The after photo shoot is very overwhelming, here I can see my pictures and select my best poses. For me it's my best poses, but still the photographers are the one will give a dramatic enhancement and effects to the images they will pick the best.

5th Place
Glam Portraiture Contest
by Sarah Jean Alegado

Here are some photos that I like...



My Glamorous Life Experience with the Davao Photographers Club is that, my sexy side that wants to come out really flaunt in every photos I've made. The alluring look especially in the boudoir photography session that we have is what I've been dreaming of - the looks, the place and the angle!

The dazzling personality in every photos I've done is so amazing, that I myself could not believe that it is me who is in that picture.

Congratulation Sarah for winning the contest and to Gary Sato who become my mentor in giving my pose --- both of you in a way teach me how to express the desirable style you need with your photographs.

The result is artful and a strong glam photography that will leave anyone in awe.

Special thanks to DMCI- VERDON PARC DAVAO.  

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