Aromacology Sensi Magic Cushion Anti-Aging Skincare

Whew! I've been away from reviewing product line that long!? Got busy when my other sites, PAL RAINE and ANYTHING ABOUT DAVAO in posting press releases and giving information for Davao people. Time really flies when you are busy and having fun with works, that I didn't realize it was a month ago when I last posted a product review entry here in my blog. Are you still here? I hope you are!

Anyway, as an officer/member of the Davao Digital Influencers, one of our mission is to support and promote product brand from MSME's (Micro Small Medium Enterprises) here in the Philippines especially in Davao. I've been a supporter of this brand for almost a year now, and still excited to promote its product line.

One of the things that I worried about is my skin most specially my face. I love my complexion, but since I'm 40 now, I need something that can help me look better for the Holiday season.

Aromacology Sensi has been my skin and beauty partner for years now. (You can read my post here and click for more about Aromacology Sensi in my blog site). I had a quite makeover and treatment from them, what I like with the brand is that they use 98% made in raw materials like herbs, flowers, and fruit extracts plus their skin care products are best for Asian's sensitive skin and it is a BFAD approved product!


Magic Cushion become a fad via the list of awesome Korean Beauty Products, but to tell you the gist they are literally cushions soaked in BB cream ( known as "blemish balm" or "blemish base") inside a compact, paired with an applicator puff.

The formula in the Magic Cushion is apparently same as that of a bottled foundation but what makes it magic it all comes with collagen extract that restores skin elasticity, giving it a smooth, supple appearance combined with hamamelis and bamboo extract that soothe and hydrates skin.

Another thing is the blue applicator puff that comes in a compact, it is a non-absorbent.

Yes! A non-absorbent puff. Sound confusing? Right? When we used old sponge puff it absorbs the makeup and expels the content to our face with pressure is applied. And you need to blend the the puff to distribute it evenly to your face.

While the special blue puff has minimal absorption to give your face a flawless, dewy glow. Just pat onto face!

The excellent coverage leaves skin flawless, refined and photo finish, concealing the signs of time left on fine lines and discolorations with SPF 50+/PA++.


Filipinos and most of the Asians are obsessed with lightening the skin. There are many that love and embrace their natural skin color, it's just a matter of choice. Here in the Philippines, there 3 ways in lightening and making our skin to glow: the Papaya soap, IV Glutathione and Magic Cushion.

It was my first time to use a magic cushion, but I already read a lot of positive reviews from different brands. Actually, I'm planning to buy online, but because I see the poster of Aromacology Magic Cushion I have to change my plan.

I tried the magic cushion. As for the after results, I did not notice a sudden change to my face skin tone, but I did notice that wrinkles did not occur on my face, skin was smooth, moisturized and glowing! Then after 10 minutes, I've notice that my face lightens.

The result was amazing! No wonder everyone loves magic cushion!

For the price, it is very affordable compared with other products. If your thinking to buy online but you have budgeted money, why not try Aromacology Magic Cushion.

They have an Introductory Price of PHp600 this run until December 20, 2016 only.

Visit Aromacology Sensi located at E. Quirino Ave., Davao City besides Body Excellence Shiatsu Clinic fronting EastWest UniBank Bldg.

Check out their FACEBOOK PAGE for updated details!

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*