Bring back the Glow of Your Hair with Hair Philosophie by Jing Monis #PressDelight #HairPhilosophie #Beauty

Imagine having a dull moment with your hair, thinking to shave it completely. Well forget it! There is a place that will bring back the glow of your hair.


The best tip to have a beautiful hair is having a good and healthy lifestyle, but due to busy schedules which are all stress-related health issues we neglect to take care of our hair. To restore your hair's softness and shine, we need someone to check and remind us that, "Hey! You forget something in your life, settle down and have a break...let's do something with your dull hair!"

Indeed a perfect day because we got a chance to meet and greet Jing Monis himself in the salon. The presscon started with laughter as Jing Monis crack a joke and everyone in the room started laughing out loud. Then we proceeded to ask serious question about his work and personal life, how he deals salon problem, etc...

Photo credit to Hair Philosophie Instagram
Time constraint because he need to catch up his afternoon flight, we get a wrap up of the most important information and details about his future plans and ended our meet and greet by a photo session together with Ms. Lelis Pimentel (Franchise owner of Hair Philosophie Davao).

***a good news to all fashion enthusiasts out there.. as Jing Monis disclose to us a secret that YOU will surely's all about BRITAIN, IRELAND,  and MODEL in the Philippines Soon!***

Knowing that I am one of the chosen blogger to avail of a hair pampering by Hair Philosophie by Jing Monis'(HPS) Creative Team. A press delight that send via email thru Rain Dimalanta, Marketing & PR Manager of Jing Monis Salon Inc.

Indulging with the finest hair services, using the premium salon brands such as Schwarzkopf Professional, Macadamia Natural Oil, and Wella Professionals.


Honestly, I have a brittle and dull colored hair because of my endless retouching of hair color. So, when Rich Chua(my Hairstylist) asked me what to do with my hair - I answered, "just make it back to its shiny, smooth and healthy hair".

After the washing, they apply color to my hair using two mixture of colors, Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal Hair Color or the 5-88 Light Extra Red Brown 60ml and Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal Hair Color or the 7-65 Med-Auburn Gold Blonde 60ml.

Thanks so much, now I know how to achieve my hair color now!

Rich Chua together with his two other assistance really take good care of my hair. It was a feel of relief that I achieve the satisfaction I need.

It was a dream come true when I got to see the result after the HAIR COLOR, HAIR CUT and HAIR TREATMENT at HAIR PHILOSOPHIE by JING MONIS located at the 2nd Floor Abreeza Corporate Center, JP Laurel Ave., Bajada, Davao City.


  1. This is just a suggestion since we all know that people now are relying more to social medias like Instagram, Facebook, TWITTER and SNAPCHAT to update statuses or post pictures about their whereabouts. I suggest that wifi should be 'accessible' as soon as they are inside the salon - no need to ask for a password.
  2. as soon as the clients get inside the salon they can make update & post pictures -- This is another way of promoting and attract new clients! what happened is that we need to ask for the passwords, this will Just add workload to the front desk & manager, instead of ASSISTING and giving inquiries and details to customers, they are all distracted if someone tend to ask for the password again and again.

All in all I really have a total hair pampering. I was amazed with the service and as I said I am greatly satisfied with my hair. A good excellent service and a BIG SHOUT OUT to the Jing Monis Creative Team.

Thanks for the love!!!

For more information, you can visit their site:

Hair Philosophie by Jing Monis

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