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Beauty in Japan is a serious business, as for told to us by Chairman Hideki Ota of Be-ing Suites Davao during our PR Social Media Blogger Invitation. 

Photo credit to Busyqueenphils

 When decided to put up a training school here in Davao City, his only aimed is to introduce the Japanese art of hair styling by training Filipino hairstylists; housing both Japanese trainers and Filipino students at the same time offering future job opportunities in Japanese salons abroad. But the idea changes, as the management decided to open up its doors to business travelers and tourists. Read more HERE.

Before I divulge my beauty experience, let me tell you a brief idea of what a Japanese Hair Salon based on what Mr. Ota explained for, why 'Beauty Salon' in Japan is different to Western salon or any salon here in the Philippines.

A Japanese beauty salon approach is a combination of a kanji character with both "graduate school" and "hospital". The Japanese hairstylists outpaces the Western handling of hair treatment, typically because in a Japanese salon you will expect a thorough scalp massage and drink service + shoulder and hand massages and in-depth style counseling.

All of these, I agree because I've experienced it during my session at the Be-ing Suites Salon.

Be-ing Suites Salon - The place is awesome! So spacious and clean. The suites itself is energy efficient and environment-friendly.

The Scissors - They use expensive scissors made only for the professional hairstylists.

The Proper Handling of Scissors

The Expert Shampoo Service

The first day session, I get a Hair Treatment from Be-ing Suites Salon trained staff. And yes, I am very, very happy to get a thorough shampooing. Well, it's pretty common with all the other salon to get a service like this, but the only different is Japanese hair salons give ample attention to your scalp.

Using the Automatic Shampoo Machine, designed to provide comfort to customers especially pregnant and senior clients. And Hair Products all are from Milbon Inc., the No. 1 distributor of hair products for salon in Japan.

Sounds weird, but surely you will appreciate how the staff spends many minutes massaging your scalp and identifying problem areas.

Ms Estrelle Ebagat of Be-ing Suites Salon
Trained Staff

In my case, I really had a problem with dandruff. Good thing that the staff ask me if there's any areas that are itchy or sensitive, so that while massaging  my scalp,  she will also do the scrubbing sending tingles down my spine. A massage which you only experience when you are in the bedroom. So relaxing and refreshing!

***By the way, they used Warm Water in shampooing hair and massaging your scalp.


A hair color chart ideas for deciding which shades to pick. That will help match your hair type to the style you want.

Next is checking your hair and scalp again. And they will decide what hair color treatment to be use, whether Schwarzkopf Professional Essensity Organic Hair Color, ammonia-free hair color with Phytolipid Technology.

or Shwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal True Hair Color, offers outstanding performance for true color partnership with premium quality products, delivering 100% performance - even in the most challenging situations.

In my case, they prefer to use organic hair color, suited for my scalp problem --- not too strong, so that it will not irritate my scalp!


What's nice is that they use digital scale measurement in mixing, to get the color precisely without damaging your hair.

And because I have a colored hair, they do is to correct the color better.


For 45 minutes, correcting my hair color, they wrap my hair and waited for another minutes.

And after 25 minutes, they wash my hair and massage my scalp again.

You will see here on my before picture that my hair color is drastically different. It's not properly distributed.


The end result is a mix-combination of red and yellow,  but now with a few fixes, my colored treated hair is perfectly distributed.


And little bit of wavy hair to give volume and to Make a Dramatic Change.


Aside from having an automatic shampoo machine for the hair & scalp, they also have for the nails - The JAPANESE NAIL SHINE.

A Japanese Manicure using Triple Glad Super Shine, the shine will last for 2 weeks.

 First use the SMOOTHER to buff and smooth the nail plate.

Remove the dust and dirt from the prepared nail plate, during the process of polishing, small pieces of debris can make the shine uneven.

Using a buckskin buffer already have a beeswax paste and talc powder ingredients that make your nails shine.

Lastly, you can put primer (optional).

The Result.

First time to experienced an authentic Japanese Beauty Hair and Nail Make-over and thanks to +Busyqueenphils, Ms. Cheryl and Chairman Hideki Ota for inviting us. 

To book by appointment, please do visit Be-ing Suites Davao. Or message them via FACEBOOK.

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Keep you posted. Thanks!