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Thinking about beauty in a deeper perspective, though it's funny to say, but for me beauty comes from within but need enhancement from the outside. We do have our own definition of what beauty is all about, maybe you will define it as part of beauty ideals or just a part of the latest trend, or most of you will agree that we spend too much in focusing on our own external appearance. Whether you agree with my definition, but the goal here is to achieve to become more "beautiful". But what does it really mean to be beautiful, without talking about the inner self the likes of the attitudes and behaviors. And does pampering and criticizing and altering physical appearance really make us more beautiful at the end?


I got invited to try Ninét (formerly The NAKED TRUTH Skin Club) , and because I want to experience whitening the right way I did not hesitate to say "Yes".

Ninét is located at Soroptimist International Davao Bldg. Inc. Emilio Jacinto Extension, Davao City besides FISHiology Spa and Nail Salon fronting Gaga Eatery and JDM Eatery.

The place is under renovation, but they are now accepting clients by schedule.

OPEN: Monday - Sunday
10AM to 6PM 

NINÉT Glutathione IV Drip room (other services)
Face and Neck Peeling Session 

According to DJ turned to entrepreneur Ms. Monique Layno, a person looks cannot be changed but needs to be enhanced --- and that's the number 1 goal of their business.

Preparing myself for Skin and Neck Peeling

FIRST SESSION: Face & Neck Peeling
February 25, 2016


At first, I hesitated to try Face & Neck Skin Peeling, all I want is to experience there Diamond Peel Micro Dermabrasion, which I already have experienced with Doctor Joel Mendez as one of our major sponsors of Ms. Teen Philippines 2014-Davao search.

But because as I see my other colleagues try their peeling service, well, why not try it for a change. And Ms. Layno, give us assurance that it is a One Application Procedure and they use botanical peeling solutions from Blanqos Whitening System, which means that there's nothing to worry about, she will only apply peeling solution once in our skin and we will wait for days to make it peel.

First day of my Face & Neck Peeling: No water. Let it Peel.
February 26, 2016

The Skin Peeling using chemical is a very delicate procedure especially for sensitive skin. Well, I am in my late 30's and my skin is becoming more sensitive, and hearing it from the word "PEELING" it is a very harsh word to consider. And for what I've read, using chemical peel really have a very big impact in the world of beauty regimen. Some will look for a gentle and fragrance free products and/or spend a lot of money just to give justification to their beauty needs.

The main purpose of having a skin peeling, is to loosen and shed the surface layer of our dead skin cells effectively. And to have a more even complexion, reduce the appearance of fine lines and hyper-pigmentation and to help stimulate collagen skin production.

SECOND SESSION: Removal/Peeling of Skin
February 27, 2016

When it comes to sensitive skin, as a general rule here, you should avoid using harsh aggressive stimulation, products that contain isopropyl alcohol, high level chemical products that might hurt your sensitive skin. In other words, the less ingredients the better. That is why after peeling, Ninét advice us to use Blanqos Ultimate Whitening System for 1 month and after that, we can go back using our regular beauty products.

Actually, Blanqos Whitening System is ideal to every skin types because it is botanical based product and safe to use. It allows the skin to become hydrated, plus it lightly exfoliates dead skin cells as a result you will have a smoother and brighter complexion.

And for my sunblock, I use Maxi-Peel Sunblock Cream.



Ninét Basics Face and Body Wash
Ninét Basics Face and Body Toner
Blanqos Facial Toner
Blanqos Vitamin E
Ninét Basics Sun Block(optional) you can use here your regular sunblock. In my case, I use Maxi-Peel Sunblock Cream with SPF 20.


Ninét Basics Face and Body Wash
Ninét Basics Face and Body Toner
Blanqos solution (optional)
Blanqos Night Cream
Blanqos Vitamin E

First Day after Peeling. Tap water only, if possible no maintenance.
But if expose to sun, use the Honey Facial Wash, Vit. E and sunblock.
February 28, 2016

This kind of peel is almost no side effects post-treatment. However, the next day I came back, as I experienced itchiness, mild flushing and redness of skin. According to Ms. Monique it is normal to feel light tangling sensation, itchiness, some mild flushing and redness of skin.

THIRD SESSION: Removal/Cleaning/ Application of Anti-Irritation Cream for skin sensitive.
Here, you can start using  Vitamin E, Sunblock and Honey Facial Wash.
February 29, 2016

Ms. Layno advice me, in order to avoid itchiness and redness, I will continue my maintenance without the toner just for one(1) day (March 1, 2016). I follow her advice and it works great!

Another thing that works with me better, is to use the Blanqos Facial Toner and stop using the Ninét Basics Face and Body Toner  for six(6) days and after six days I go back and use alternately the two toner.

Why did I stop using the Ninét Basics Face and Body Toner for 6 days?

As I continue using both the Ninét Basics Face and Body Toner and Blanqos Facial Toner I feel more uncomfortable using the both toner, because for me too much absorbent of toner is indeed a bad thing! Toner is terrific to refresh our skin, but toner can also strip your skin of natural facial oil make it rebound --- producing more oil and more acne. That is why for better result, I alternate the two.

Thanks so much Ninét!!!

(C) Chiqui Aportadera

(C) Joel Bagas of Fuji Film Philippines Mindanao Sales Executive

My Recommendation:

My Beauty Experienced with Ninét is absolutely great and satisfying. Though I have doubts from the first 2 weeks of their service, but as days passed by and getting a lot of compliments and everybody wants to know where I got this beautiful skin. I highly recommend Ninét if you want true and real satisfaction in achieving beautiful skin.  

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Yes, it's true that I use many facial products on my face. But as for now, I stick my trust to Ninét Blanqos Ultimate Whitening System.

No face powder.
No BB or CC cream.

No concealer.

Ninét just want us to experienced how to be naturally beautiful without wearing any make ups, here I just put eyebrows and lipsticks and that's it! Confidently beautiful without makeup!

Advanced 5 in 1 Facial @ PHp450
Diamond Peel Micro Dermabrasion @ PHp450
Galvanic Ultra Leap Facial @ PHp450
Gentleman's Facial @ PHp350

Face & Neck @ PHp3,000 (3 sessions)
Arm & Back @ PHp8,000 (4 sessions)
Legs & Butt @ PHp10,000 (4 sessions)
Whole Body @ PHp20,000 (10 sessions)


Brazillian @ PHp500
Under Arm @ PHp200
Legs @ PHp300


Get Ninét Services worth PHp2,000
but PAY only PHp250.

Please call +63 922 990 2963 and look for Monique or Nicole.

Visit and LIKE their FACEBOOK PAGE.


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  1. I would be hesitant to try something like this, but the results you achieved speak for themselves. What a great pick me up!

  2. Your skin looks hydrated, soft and definitely a lot lighter than the before photos! I love that the treatment is effective. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  3. You are glowing!!! You look gorgeous... I would be hesitant to try thia though. Peeling a layer of skin sounds scary...

  4. I do hope they have a licensed dermatologist in the clinic in case there is an emergency. This cannot be completely safe for everyone. (I will show this to my secretary since her name is also Ninet. LOL!)

  5. Your skin looks super soft and it seemed like it was glowing!
    Peeling is something that I would like to try. Like you, I am a little scared too. I heard that you cannot stay under the sun that long. My line of work makes me go to our different sites so I may have to defer my peeling treatment(s).

  6. Your skin really looks so supple and clean. I have not tried as always feel so scared of it.

  7. You look creamy radiant! I want to believe there won't be any side effects tho the results is pretty interesting!

  8. Your skin looks so fresh and radiant. They did a great job with the peeling procedure.

  9. wow results! the whitening process sounds scary. i guess I'm not into the whole whitening look and its rare over here

  10. The group picture on the table made me laugh. :) Good write-up, I do feel more informed!

  11. The facial does make a different on your skin. You look more radiant and brighter. Awesome transformation.

  12. Whenever I visit a skin clinic, I only avail of their facial cleaning service. I'd like to try the whitening but with Ninet, because the result is impressive. Is there a Ninet branch in Metro Manila?

  13. I want to try diamond peel and always feel a bit scared. After your post, I think I might give a try. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Where is Ninet located? I couldn't find the address in your post. I love the effects on you and would love to try it for myself.

    1. It was written below the photo with a car, Ninét is located at Soroptimist International Davao Bldg. Inc. Emilio Jacinto Extension, Davao City besides FISHiology Spa and Nail Salon fronting Gaga Eatery and JDM Eatery.