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Summer is here, and now is the perfect time to get ready and prepare to face Mr. Sun. And all you have to do is to have a bucket list of your Summer Essentials.

In my list, I always have my 3 important summer essentials:

  • The first thing I bring when the sun shines is my sunglasses. That's very obvious, so I already have my sunglasses that will protect my eyes.
  • Second, summer talks about more of the beach. So I bring with me my  flip flops and beach/sun hats while enjoying my seaside trips.
  • And lastly, a sunblock for my face and body.

Finally, I discovered the Body Cool Mist Japanese Sleur of Aromacology Sensi. An added essentials to my summer bucket list for this year.

SRP PHp275.00

A new soothing and relaxing cooling mist for our body. It has a heavenly fragrance of mixed Japanese flowers' essences, and when you smell it -- you gotta believe me, it is very fresh and it drives away body odor.

And this is perfect for warmer climates and you will surely love the hot months. You will feel the coolness up to 15 minutes and more (it depends how you sweat) from neck down to toe.


My daughter use this as her cologne.

When going to school, after bathing, she will spray Body Cool Mist Japanese Sleur all over her body and hair.

And I ask her WHY? 
She reply: I love it! I smell good from morning to afternoon. And it makes me relax all day. And my head is cool too!

And whenever she go, she bring it with her. Even inside a mall, she loves to spray all over her body.


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*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


  1. I love spraying scent on my hair too, heehee. Smart kid you've got there! :)

  2. My daughter is a body spray junkie and would probably love this! They are great for the warm summer when a heavy perfume is just too much.

  3. The way you describe this body mist, it really sounds like it makes you feel good and fresh. With the coming summer promising to be very hot and sticky, this does sound essential.

  4. Argh, I am not staying in Luzon if not I would have join you for the event. Thanks for sharing about this.

  5. I love how this product is so multipurpose! It keeps you smelling nice, calms you down, and helps you focus because of the soothing properties.

  6. i love a body mist and this sounds amazing! i need to smell this in person

  7. With the summer months in, the body cool mist would really be a great companion. It can keep you fresh wherever you go.

  8. I haven't used a body mist before, but I really like the scent of this one. I'm very conscious about how I smell since I normally commute. Lol. That's really something that I'd love to try!

  9. Body mist is a must to keep one refreshed. Sunglasses is another necessity.

  10. Sunglasses and sunblock are not just a summer season essential for me. It's a daily essential!

  11. I love body mists too. Usually they are non alcoholic and the cooling effect they give is just awesome...

  12. So does this work as a deoderony or what? Since you mentioned it drives away BO.

    1. Yes, a sort of like that. It is a spray deodorant or a deodorizer to drives away BO.

  13. Body mist is a perfect way to keep yourself smell good entire day without spending too much perfumes.

  14. Not sure how the body mist will smell like but definitely looking forward to try it one day!