Aromacology Sensi Cacao 3-in-1 Cleanser + Scrub + Mask #Facial #Beauty

Indulge your skin from the Deluxe Set of Cacao Body Care, aside from Cacao Body Skin another skin care product was launched by Aromacology Sensi introducing CACAO 3-in-1.

Product Description:

A multi-tasking facial skin cleanser that is perfectly suited to Asian skin, be it sensitive and imperfection prone-skin.

  • CLEANSER - to reduce the appearance of  sebaceous glands or skin that secrete an oily to waxxy skin texture also known as SEBUM and impurities.
  • SCRUB - to reduce the appearance of pores. 
  • MASK - to help mattify and clarify our skin complexion.


Cacao is a good ingredients in taking care of our skin not only for our body but also to our face.

What I like about this product is that, it is extracted  from Davao's best-cocoa beans that truly represents Organica Pure's philosophy by using natural ingredient, purely vegan with no added emollients, additives, and fillers.

The texture makes it easy and pleasant to apply, either you can use it as cleanser, scrub or a mask.


As instructed, you can use it as a cleanser and a scrub.  If you are in a hurry, all you need is to lather onto damp face and rinse off  with water. Make sure you gently scrub your face avoiding the eye and lip area.

Or use it as a mask (if you are not in a hurry), by applying a thin layer to your face and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with clear water. Avoid the eye contour and lip area.

Or use it together, CLEANSER + SCRUB + MASK. Just follow instructions.

***Use at least 3x a week.


January 26
1st Day Use. 1st Week.

Call me ordinary, not chic Asian woman, but in terms of beauty I can never be a part from being so vain with beauty thingy and no matter how hard I try to stop myself from trying it nothing really compete my love to skin care products, so when Ms. Vanessa Mondragon(Aromacology Sensi CEO)  told me that she wanted me to try their new line of Deluxe Set of Cacao Body Care, I knew I have to give it a try. But as I said, it will take me some time to make a review of a product especially it concerns Skin Care.

I always on the look out of new ways, tips and tricks to glorify myself in the name of beauty. Finding that Cacao aside from an ingredients in chocolates, I was a bit astonished to find it as a quirky ingredients in a skin care products, like a CLEANSER, a SCRUB and a MASK!

This is not a joke! Yes, I'm sure some of you will have that raising eyebrow and find me stupid in giving a try of this product. Considering cacao have some serious skin benefits, I decided to take the product with me, use it and after that review it honestly.

I start using Cacao 3-in-1 last January 26, 2016.  As per instruction, leave it for 10-15 minutes. While the mask is on my face, I feel the itchiness and prickling sensation
penetrating my skin and a bit of skin tightening.

The Result of the 1st Day use for the 1st week:


My skin certainly reacted with the cacao ingredients, which I guess means that my skin is moisturizes deep down and really nourishes the skin - that's why I feel the itchiness and tightening.

On the second day, I use small amount of cacao which might be the cause of too much itchiness and redness on my first day of application.

January 28
2nd Day Use. 1st Week. 

I never had thought about using Cacao all over my face, but because of my beauty enthusiast curiosity I am determined to see what will happened after the 1st week of using.


The results were pretty interesting. A mild redness surface my skin though itchiness is still there, but I am positive now that I get my expectation to have that younger and smoother skin.

Still willing to try the product for the third time, maybe itchiness will be gone. Thought the process of application maybe weird for the smell of the skin care is like a chocolate. Probably the tastiest and the smelliest face mask I've tried.

On my third day of application, I decided to use smaller amount. I want to experiment if I reduce the amount does the itchiness be gone.

You can see here in my photo that my mask is very light.

January 30
3rd Day Use. 1st Week. 

And yes! Reducing the amount use in the application itchiness will subside, you can still feel it when the mask is still in your skin but after washing itchiness no more but  the tightening and the smoothing of the skin is still there.

***BTW, since the face mask require 15 minutes to really work, on my second and third day of use I decided to leave the mask on a shorten time like 10 minutes, honestly I don't want to piss off my sensitive and unpredictable skin.

SKIN REACTION after use : A little bit of REDNESS

Honestly, it works. Itchiness no more! As you can see, Cacao 3-in-1 will make your skin tighten --- prevent anti-aging. Fast absorbing to reverse the roughest skin and improve the look of scars and lines, and make your skin smoother too!

Any dermatologist will confirm that this product works great, it permanently reduce the size of your pores ( at least in a natural and vegan way).

The Result:

No filter added. No editing.

I used Aromacology Power Whitening System after washing Cacao 3-in-1 and Aromacology Tint Lip Balm (product review soon).  

The Verdict:

'Till this day, I am still using Aromacology Cacao 3-in-1 Cleanser+Scrub+Mask, but I'm reducing the amount use to avoid itchiness.

PHp 450.00

The use of the product really help my skin to look younger, while my irritable and oily skin turn to moisten and smoother one, it really provide noticeable benefits in a way. Maybe my skin is still adapting to the product, I will  use it as my facial scrub every other day,  but not so much with the mask. Eventhough Cacao 3-in-1 doesn't contain preservatives or artificial colors, I'm a little wary about the result in the long run.

We have different skin type. Maybe for me,  using it too much will cause me too much itchiness and by reducing the use will help me get positive results - to have that smooth and younger looking skin.

Will I recommend? 

Yes, of course! If you're up for a try why not. Honestly, covering your face with Cacao is a great way to try something new and unexpected. At least you have tried the product and make a review too. Maybe it will work for you great without itchiness!


For me, I will continue using it as much as I like the result. Yes, I like the result it helps reduce spots, stains, and after using it I can feel skin less oily and very bright. The only problem is the itchiness though it is tolerable, I still suggest for a better one that is good for a very, very sensitive skin.


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*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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  1. The immediate reddish reaction on your facial skin looks alarming on the photo. Could it be an allergic reaction to the cocoa? Interesting how this smells like.

    1. I think so Fred, that is why I lessen the use of it. They have this anti-irritating cream to stop the itchiness and the redness.

  2. One product that works as a scrub, cleanser, and mask sounds very convenient. It seems like it needs some getting used to though based on your photos. But looks like it worked out for you so that's great.

  3. These seem like great products to try out. I am always on the hunt for a great mask, thank you!

  4. Hmmm, interesting. Maybe I'll get this. Parang a little pricey for the size no? But yeah, looks like it's worth the try.

  5. I am no dermatologist or skin expert but something is alarming in your skin. Though you have this review for the this skin care product. But it is a bit "alarming", this is the least I could say and even you said that to avoid itchiness, the application should be controlled.

  6. I have not try this product and brand before but it look quite convenient to use with cleanser, scrub and mask all in 1.

  7. I didn't know Cacao can work as a facial cleanser. Amazing. And the 3 in 1 feature will save us time and money. Perfect!

  8. The product works better the longer you use it. It's important to really take care of your skin so we can age gracefully.

  9. I'd love to try it out, but I'm a bit apprehensive because of the initial itch and redness. But as you explained, it dose decrease when a thinner layer is used. so might try it out anyway.

  10. You look gorgeous. Glad to know it works for you. Anyways, I too have a super sensitive skin that breaks out very easily and its difficult to find products that are mild and work efficiently..

  11. I am always afraid to use cocoa on the face as skin is quite sensitive but it works best on body.

  12. I was a bit worried looking at the reaction this product gave you. I would not want to apply this since my skin is very sensitive. Glad that it finally worked for you.

  13. I was always fond of chocolate used for the skin, and I can't deny the fact that this has caught my interest. It's pretty amazing too! Just look at how hydrated and smooth your skin looks after each application!

  14. seems to be a nice mask for sensitive skin, where can i buy this?