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As a beauty and lifestyle blogger, you need to make sure you have time to review the products. Have a full information before writing it down and have a detailed outline consisting notes and sit down the information, apply it to you and sort it out.

It took me for a while to do a review of this product, because as posted in the manual the result will be visible after 3 weeks.

So, after 3 weeks of using Aromacology Sensi Power Whitening System(Toner and Cream) here's my initial review. I apply it 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening before going to bed and I can say that long term use will definitely give you improvements.

These complete set will give you that beauty regimen you want. It helps protect and preserve youthful looking skin while addressing the wide range of concerns related to premature aging, dry to sensitive skin, dark spot or skin discoloration and also it helps prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Leave the skin clean, fresh and glowing.

The Power Whitening System has two sets of beauty regimen:

100ML - SRP 400.00

25G - SRP 450.00

Power Whitening Toner ADVANCE NIGHT REPAIR 1
100ML - SRP 400.00

Power Whitening Cream ADVANCE NIGHT REPAIR  2
25G - SRP 450.00

The unique combination of botanical whitening extracts of bearberry, bromelain, kojic acid, AHA, retinoic and glycolic acid with anti-oxidant formula of Vitamin E, gluta+ collagen is design to help proactively the look of skin texture lighter skin tone and protect the skin with SPF.

See the result of my skin after using it religiously after 3 days.

After 3 days usage!!!!

The effect is so stupendous! Fine pores, lighten skin and pinkish glow.

And after weeks of using, you will feel that your skin is moist(it's like your face is always hydrated) but not oily and that's the effect of Power Whitening---to stop your skin from aging!

What I Like:
*The cream is not sticky and slimy.
**I love the scents both the toner and cream.
***Easy to spread.
****There's a slight tingling sensation when you apply the toner, but after that a cooling sensation came to control, in that way you will know that the product is working great.
*****I find it affordable because as I can see, after 1 month of daily usage, I only consumed about 5% of the product and still now I have many of it then.

******I Love the packaging. It is a good gift for a post Christmas presents or/and as New Year gift ideas. 

Started using the product last November 18, after it was given to us during Blogger Beauty, Health and Wellness consultation held at Aromacology Sensi

Will I purchased? After finishing the toner and the cream and seeing the positive result ---definitely YES!


I give this product a 4.95%/5 rating. Aromacology Power Whitening System has a lot more to offer for us mother who are in a stage of looking for a product that will help regain her youthful looks, especially mothers, who are in their mid and late 30s. I can affirm to it because I see how my skin improves after 3 days of use.

So if you are looking for a fast and effective way to regain that youthful skin, I highly recommend this product by Aromacology Sensi.  
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  1. I really wanted to try this. I'm having problems with breakouts since I got pregnant and until now though my son is turning 2 in few months. I hope this is available here too.

  2. That's a nice routine having to apply the whitening system at the start and end of the day. That way, you are sure that your skin gets cleaned and get to enjoy the benefits of the cream the whole day.

  3. This is interesting!!! I've never thought about whitening my skin! I am more concerned with fading scars and even skin tone.

  4. It's nice that it keeps your skin feeling so hydrated. So many products can leave your skin feeling dry.

  5. I would love to try something like this. I have PCOS and breakouts are an everyday thing for me. It drives me nuts.

  6. Really helpful post! Thanks for sharing xx

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  8. Thank you for sharing your daily skin routine, this is such a helpful post.