Tips & Tricks for Applying Eye Makeup Using a Spoon #Beauty #Makeup #SpoonStory

I'm not a professional makeup artist, but as a WAHM(Working At Home Mom) I sometimes have a hectic morning with my go-round-routines, preparing my kids to school and cleaning my shop--ready to open.

In my shop, you need to have a decent look and not just your there  not making yourself properly groomed in dealing with customers. Though my shop is just next to our house, I still have to look better.

The first thing I do in the morning after my kids are already gone to school, I take a bath and ready to put eye makeup. Why EYE alone, not the whole thingy of makeup in my face? I just apply moisturizer on my face when getting ready, and put a minimal energy of makeup like EYE LINER, MASCARA and CURL my lashes to define my eyes. I don't need lots of makeup on my face if I am in a travel or in the house, just putting eye makeup alone is definitely VERY FINE with me.


It was 2 years ago, that I meet this girlfriend of mine while I'm on a business trip in Cebu City. I was a bit curious to find out why she had a spoon in her purse. I thought she forget to leave it at home or she put it there by mistake. But I was wrong, knowing now that Spoon is part of her beauty regimen.

I wonder how kitchen utensil, as a small as a spoon can be part of her beauty tools. So much with my curiosity,  I ask her what's the use of it, she answered me back with all honesty that she use it on her eyes to add more enhancement.

And not only that---I finally realized that SPOON has many incredible tricks as BEAUTY ESSENTIALS.


Bear in mind that the EYE is hardest thing to do in applying makeup. It is very difficult to put make up in our eyes, mistakes can ruin everything the rest of your look. So, I'm here to give you a TIPS & TRICKS to say good bye to smudge eyeliner and wet mascara marks only by using a home utensils, THE SPOON.

  photo credit: Eats via photopin (license)

Yes, you read it right! A Spoon is also useful not only in eating, but also as part of a BEAUTY TOOLS.

The spoon trick is not new to us, I'm sure some of the professional makeup artists use this in giving their clients a sophisticated good look, especially if they're in a hurry.

I learned from a friend who is a MUA, that in getting the desired look in the eye, and if you're not sure with the look you want, you can use SPOON in order to have that simple DIY Eye make up trick that can save your time and no make up fixing needed.

Here's a video blog from @sasakiasahi

My girlfriend used to put eyeliner, mascara and curl her eyelashes this way. And yes, she kept the spoon in her purse or makeup bag. I've done it too and it work great for me.

Now, I don't have problems in putting my eyeliner and mascara. If you don't have an eyelash curler, use metal teaspoon instead.

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  1. wow! kakaiba ito. Gonna share this one to my kikay friends.

  2. Haha! I have seen so many YouTubers try that trick before to apply eye makeup. It looks easy but it's also hard to perfect.

  3. Love this post! i love tips and tricks for makeup like using white eyeshadow under ur usual eyeshadow to pop up the color! And yes i love eyeliner, there are other tricks such as using tape ;)

  4. wow, very helpful and entertaining too... I could not relate to this but I am sure hundreds of ladies out there will appreciate this tips of yours. I must share this to my girl friends.

  5. I don't know how to apply makeup. But this may help in the future. And maybe I'll also share this to my kikay friends. :)

  6. Impressive that a simple spoon can be a handy make up item. Great discovery Pal.

  7. Such a great discovery!Will be reading this to my mom because I can't relate to this. Thanks for sharing!

  8. lovely! i didnt know that you can use a spoon for applying make up. definitely will share this post. thanks!