PhytoScience Double Stemcell: Best Anti-Aging Beauty Care Innovation #BeautyInnovation

Recently, I have the chance to talk with one of the exclusive distributor of PhytoScience Double Stemcell here in Davao City.

Curious with the product they are introducing. Does it really work? Does the product really help?

This is the newest health and beauty product breakthrough that is widely accepted and have proven to help men and women of all ages to achieve maximum health and beauty in just the first 2 weeks after taking it, in fact, numerous success stories showed that continuous use of the product after a certain period of time you will achieve a healthy lifestyle you want.


It utilize exclusively two different types of a plant stem cells, which uses unique formulas from: 

(1) Apple Stem Cell

A rare Swiss apple that is commonly used now as ingredients in cosmetic and in fashion world as an exciting anti-aging breakthrough. But as I try to read all the research it seems that this apple is not a botanical but all refer to the invention of Dr. Goldfaden, which they called Uttwiler Spatlauber apple, that lives only as his imagination as well with the cosmetic industry.

The extraction process which called as the PythoCellTecTM, which won a citation for Innovation Award 2008 European Innovation, that enhance health and vitality, repairs and rejuvenates cell and boosts immune system.

(2) Grape Stem Cell

The Acai Berry or greatly known as the "Beauty Berry" from the Amazon. Which is packed with so many compounds that make the body so young and healthy inside and out. It provides more antioxidants than most berries. It is also loaded with Omega fatty acids, amino acids, and with naturals minerals as well as with Vitamins A, B1 and E.

This is also good for those who are in a loss weight program.

The Blueberry, it can reduce eye fatigue and it can also improve your vision during night time. Decrease cholesterol level, and improve your cardiovascular system. It also has Vitamins C.


As much as possible, in order to make my post a real one I have to use the product (here I am again, out of curiosity sake!).

1 PACK = 14 sachets

When you open the sachet, you will see a powder like mixture of a substance with a pinkish color, it smells good and you will love it --- for real!

Put the powder mixture under your tongue, right beside the front lower portion of your teeth.

By the way, it taste good also!

Take the PhytoScience Double Stemcell in the morning 1 hour before breakfast and another in the evening. Just chew or eat it like a candy.

I have only taken 1 sachet for this week, so I cannot tell you more about the product. But if you want to know and want to read more reviews and testimony you can read HERE.

If you want this product and at the same time you want to earn... GET STARTED NOW! Visit their websites PHYTOSCIENCE PHILIPPINES or message Mr. Gershon Paul Gonzales via Facebook for more information.

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


  1. It looks like an effective one since its taken from fruit extracts. I hope this works well for you.

  2. Interesting! I personally tend to stray away from beauty treatments that require me to take medication, but considering it is made out of fruit extract, I suppose even skeptics would want to try it. Looking forward to seeing the results!

  3. Let me know how effective it is after a month. How much do you one will spend before he/she can get the promised results?

  4. What a curious item. I am intrigued by this. Orally taken stem cell supplement. I will have to wait for your unbiased review before I invest in something like this. Second time i read about apple stem cell this week.

  5. Definitely very interesting! I am all about the anti ageing products but my skin seems to be holding up at the moment due to the amount of water I drink and the fact I go around bare faced - I have hardly ever worn make up and for that, my skin has been allowed to breathe.

  6. When will these anti-aging beauty products end? Consumers will get confused pa eh. Nevertheless, beauty products with fruit extracts added is being patronized by many nowadays.

  7. This is the second time I heard about apple stem cell and I'm really curious. I would love to try this.

  8. ingested stem cells? hmm, the advertisement really shows awesome results but will it really work? I'm thinking if ingested, most will go to our internal organs and hardly any left will really reach our skin, no?

  9. Tried apple stem cells mask. But I don't really see any vast changing on my face. Maybe it needs more time~

  10. I heard about this too, but I'm still hesitant about chemical products. Afterall, all this powder are still processed and not natural...

  11. It's nice that there really natural ingredients for this one. You can feel a lot safer with this,

  12. I have a stem cell gel facial gel that a skin care gave to me and i havent used it yet as i am afraid that i will have zits after using it. Im so afraid of having breakouts

  13. the concept sounds great but the real question is does it work. i want to know this!

  14. Sounds like something I'd be willing to try, especially since you said it tastes good. Usually you expect to rub it in and not drink it.

  15. More beauty ways to choose from the market and usually the choice comes from within. Women's beauty processes have a lot more to learn about.

  16. The results are quite dramatic! This is such an important development in the field of phyto medicine! :)

  17. My family and I are too afraid to use these kind of products especially if it has to be taken (eaten/swallowed). It's pretty scary. And I really don't understand why some people wants to look young . I guess, I'll never understand once I get to a certain age.